Keeping Things Cool With Design Engineering’s Titanium Exhaust Wrap

Design Engineering's Titanium Exhaust Wrap is a product created with any level of racer in mind, it uses some great, durable technology to keep heat to a minimum no matter what you use it on your race car. Read More


Tested: Nitrous Express Maximizer 4 on our Project C5 Corvette

The Maximizer 4 from Nitrous Express is a sophisticated way to turn your nitrous system from a blunt object into a scalpel. We install it at the shop, then test it at the strip as well as delve into the technology.Read More


Nitrous Express Reveals New Systems for Chevrolet

Nitrous Express announces new products for the LS engines, C7 Corvette, and 2014 and newer EcoTec3 GM trucks. New products range from pre-plumbed intake manifolds to complete bolt-on nitrous plate systems.Read More


Video: This 2,400 Horsepower Corvette Is Hard To Contain

Believe it or not, there is such a thing as too much horsepower, as this twin-turbo Corvette struggling to get traction demonstrates. Read More


Video: Very Fast C7 Corvette Quarter-Mile Trap Speed

Today's video shows a Corvette that took one hell of a first step toward C7 drag strip dominance. At first glance, it may not seem like a big deal but a second look tells a different story.Read More


Nitrous Express Debuts Direct Port Water Methanol Injection Systems

Nitrous Express isn't strictly nitrous anymore. They're now offering these sweet new direct-port water-methanol injection kits in three different stages for your high-performance application.Read More

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Video: Vengeance Racing’s Blown C7 Runs 10’s In The Quarter

Vengeance Racing recently took their supercharged C7 Corvette to the drag strip and put down some great times - check out the video and listen to this thing rip!Read More


Video: 1,500 Horsepower C6 Corvette Dubbed “Hater Maker” Roll Races

With a 408 cubic inch motor force-fed by both a ProCharger F-1X supercharger and two stages of squeeze from Nitrous Express, a roll race is about the only place this car can really stretch its legs...Read More


Video: Sexy Susie in the First-Ever 1,000 Horsepower C7 Corvette

Her name is Susie and she just might be the greatest ride along candidate we've ever met. Pair her with a 1,000 WHP C7 and it's like a match made in heaven.Read More


Video: LS-Swapped Willys Jeep on Nitrous Races Corvette ZR1

Watching this nitrous-injected Willys lay the smackdown on a Corvette ZR1 is the kind of entertainment we can neither condone, nor turn away from.Read More


SEMA 2013: Performance Distributors’ “Sultans of Spark” LS Coils

For anyone with a high-compression naturally aspirated engine, or a boosted LS that tends to "blow out" the spark under load, PD's Sultans of Spark coils offer improved ignition performance the easy wayRead More


SEMA 2013: Kooks Leads the Way for 2014 C7 Stingray Exhaust

When it comes to making power while keeping clean, Kooks' Headers has been at the forefront with their "Green Cat" systems that prove that horsepower and low emissions aren't mutually exclusive.Read More


Video: Nitrous Malfunction Causes C6 Corvette to Burst Into Flames

Check out this video and see what happens when a nitrous system malfunctions at a mere 180mph. Definitely a scenario we wouldn't want to be in.Read More


Video: New World’s Quickest ZR1 Corvette Dragstrip Pass

The quarter mile: it's the ultimate test of just what can happen when you come up with the right combination of driver and modifications. Today we check out the current record holder for quickest ZR1.Read More


The ZEX Nitrous Level Gauge Lets Users Keep Tabs On Their Bottle

If you run nitrous in your street/strip vehicle, and you're in need of keeping an eye on your bottle, then you should look into the ZEX Nitrous Level Gauge. It works with any nitrous kit currently available on the market and helps you keep tabs on your bottle.Read More

LS3 NX Hidden

Nitrous Express LS3 Hidden System Gives You The Edge You Need

With all of the beef talked at the track, and even on the message forums these days, getting that "edge" over your competition is not always easy. If you're looking for ways to put the odds in your favor, and have an LS3, then Nitrous Express has a kit just for you!Read More