Manual transmission


A Corvette With A CVT? Anything Is Possible!

What if Corvette was equipped with a CVT? It is not a question of whether a Corvette can have a CVT, but whether a CVT can handle a Corvette!Read More


TCI Releases Their AUTO-X GM LS 4L60E With Engine Braking

Want the benefits of a manual but the shifting speed of the automatic? This is your dreams coming true: TCI Automotive's AUTO-X 4L60E transmission package, complete with engine braking. See more details inside. Read More


SEMA 2014: MasterShift Converts Transmission Shifting to Paddles

Now you don't have to buy a high-end exotic car to get the features and benefits of paddle shifters. Even musclecars can be shifted electronically with MasterShift electronic shifter kits, for manual or automatics.Read More


First Look: 2015 Corvette 8-Speed Automatic and Supercharged LT4 V8

Forget what you think you know about traditional torque converter automatics - driving the 8L90-equipped 2015 Stingray is like playing Grand Turismo in "cheat" mode. Read More


For Sale: C7 Stingray Only Driven Once (Through a Window)

They say that depreciation takes a huge bite off the value of a new car the moment it drives off the lot, but it's even worse when the car is driven through the showroom's front window...Read More


Friction Non-Fiction: The Truth About Clutches

Everything you wanted to know about clutches, and maybe some things you didn't know you needed to know. Check out this detailed question-and-answer session with some of the industry's top minds!Read More


Video: Livernois Motorsports Tunes the C7 Corvette Stingray

New 2014 Corvettes are just hitting dealership showrooms, and Livernois already has a tune available that unlocks extra performance. Check out the results...Read More


GM Patents Dual-Clutch 7-Speed Transmission, Destined for Corvette?

This patent filing by GM for a 7-speed dual-clutch transmission could make use of the Stingray’s new paddle shifters. But are Corvette buyers really ready to give up that third pedal?Read More

LG Trans 3

An Inside Look at LG Motorsports/Emco Corvette Sequential Gear Box

This isn't just another beefed up T56 rebuild. No sir. The LG/Emco Sequential 6-speed gear box is max effort racing transmission made to stand up to the worst beatings Grand Am racing could throw at it, but yet can work with your own C5/C6. We talked with LG about the gear box, and have all the details inside...Read More


SEMA 2012: Gear Vendors Under/Over-drive Goes Old School

If you're like most of the aftermarket industry, spooling along the fast lane at an uneasy high rpm for long distance drives can leave you wincing most of the trip, rather than enjoying it. Gear Vendors has cured that with their latest component, which allows manual 3-speeds to gain three extra gears!Read More


SEMA 2011: New Single, Twin-Disc Camaro, Mustang Clutches From ACT

Featured in the ACT booth here at the SEMA Show are the latest evolutions of the single and twin-disc clutches for the 2011 and later Ford Mustang GT and 1997-2010 C5/C6 Corvettes.Read More