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Corn Power: Flex Fuel Corvettes Take To The Track At Kearney Raceway

What happens when you take a ZR1 and add E85? A 200 mph automobile, which made waves at the recent National Ethanol Open in Kearney, Nebraska. Read More


Video: Death Star ZR1 Swapped C1 is as Insane as You’d Dream

This 1954 Corvette was destined for the scrap yard unit it fell into the right hands with the right vision for it. Read More

LPE 900HP Engine hi-res (Custom)

Lingenfelter Performance Offers 900 HP LS Crate Engine

Drop 900 hp into your brutally fast muscle car with Lingenfelter Performance's new supercharged, LS-9 headed beast of a crate engine. Read More


For Sale: ZR1 Shell with 10 Miles – You Supply the Drivetrain

There has to be more to this story - who pulls the drivetrain from a running ZR1 just to build a hot rod? Read More


Meet the Equus Bass 770; A Mashup of Detroit’s Best Early Muscle

The Equus Bass is the lovechild of the most iconic musclecars from the 60's and 70's. To some, it might look primarily like a Mustang, but once you take a look, you'll find all sorts of other design cues. Read More

Wrecked ZR1-2

Craigslist Find: Crashed 2009 ZR1 with “Clean Title”

We all would love to own a C6 ZR1. With 638 horsepower on tap, ranking among the highly coveted supercars in the world, it's safe to say it should be on anybody's short list of dream cars. Having said that, it would be hard for us not to drive it like we stole it... Read More

Urban Engines 1

Interview: We Talk To Legendary LS Engine Builder Kurt Urban

Kurt Urban has been the go-to guy for some of the most prominent LS builds known to mankind. We recently got him to slow down just long enough to give us some insight into where he's been, and where he's going next... Read More

Pfadt C6 Headers

Get More Power For Your C6 From Pfadt Tri-Y Headers

Even though the C7 Corvette is right around the corner, that's not stopping companies like Pfadt Engineering from releasing new products for your C6 Corvette! So if you're looking for more power from your LS2, LS3, LS7, or LS9 'Vette, then check out these TRI-Y headers from Pfadt. Read More


Video: Tail-Wagging, Flame Shooting ZR1 Makes 902 RWHP

Great balls o' fire! Click the link to watch this modified 2010 ZR1 lay down just over 900 horsepower to the rear wheels right before it lets loose a little indoor fireworks show. Read More


Corvette Speedboat Concept Captures the Spirit of the Split Window

Will this design ever turn a prop in the real world? Hard to say, but it seems like the only thing standing in the way is money and a customer willing to spend it. There's no indication as to how much cubic dollars it will take, but like they say, if you have to ask, you can't afford it... Read More


Available Now, LS9 Controller Kits

Finding exactly what you need for your custom build can be a daunting experience. In an effort to keep our bowtie enthusiasts up to date with the latest news and parts, we found Chevrolet Performance's LS9 controller kit; readily available and ready to ship on the TheBLOCK.com through ChevroletPerformance.com. Read More


Video: Jessi Lang Attempts to Tame The Mighty ZR1 at Bondurant

In this episode of "The J-turn", host Jessi Lang takes on the task of learning how to tame the most powerful Corvette ever produced with the help of Bondurant School of High Performance Driving. Does she succeed? Is it even possible to do so? Watch the video inside to find out... Read More


JET Performance DST Tuning Software For Late-Model GM Vehicles

Going beyond the typical LS tuning software, JET Performance is now expanding their tuning software with the all new D.S.T. Software. It allows complete control of just about every single aspect of your vehicle's computer including top speed and engine rev limiters. Read all about it here. Read More


Video: Japan’s RK Design Shows Off Their Corvette ZR1

The ZR1 is already a very aggressive looking car, but the guys at RK Design think there's still some room for improvement. They recently unveiled their own take on Chevrolet's supercar at the Tokyo Auto Salon, and sent out this video for those of us who couldn't be there. Step inside to watch... Read More

Middle East Vette-2

Video: Putting ZR1 Badges on Your Base C6 Doesn’t Make it a ZR1

We're always on the lookout for interesting and unusual cars for our sites. Sometimes they're good, sometimes they're not so good. Take this Vette you're looking at on our page. While we obviously have no quarrels against America's only true sports car, there are things about this machine we could do without... Read More


The 2013 Destino is an LS9 Wrapped in a Fisker Karma

So what if you have a ton of money, you want a Fisker Karma, but you want it to be fast? Oh, and what if you're not really bothered by fuel mileage concerns or being eco-friendly? Then what you might want is a Destino! Confused? Don't be... Read More

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