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Did You Know That LG Motorsports’ ALMS GT2 C6 Corvette Is For Sale?

Check out LG Motorsports' ALMS GT2 Corvette that is currently up for sale. This car plays a big part in Corvette history and you can own it! Read More


Vararam Unveils New VR-X Intake Manifold for LS Engines

This new modular manifold design is made from a lightweight, durable Zytel polymer, and is low-profile enough to fit under late model Corvette hoods without modifications to the car. Read More

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Video: Regular Car Reviews Gets Their Hands on a C6

Yet another hilarious video by Regular Car Reviews - the C6 Corvette is the topic, and believe us, you don't want to miss this one! Read More


C5 Runs Over 200 mph at the Mojave Mile

Watch as Joel Feingold takes his supercharged and daily driven C5 'Vette to the Mojave Mile in an attempt to make multiple 200+ mph passes. Read More


Selecting the Right Clutch for Your C5/C6 Corvette

We cut through the fluff and confusion of selecting a clutch, by bringing you this no-nonsense article on picking the unit that's right for you and your application. Read More


Lethal Performance’s C5 Turbo Kit is Insanity at its Finest

Lethal Performance out of San Antonio, Texas fabricated a crazy single turbo kit for this LS3-powered C5 Z06 - check it out and watch the dyno video. The numbers this car puts down are nuts! Read More


PRI 2013: JET Performance’s Programmers for GM and Ford Vehicles

Check out what JET Performance brought to this year's PRI Show: the new and improved Performance Programmer, packed with loads of new features for enthusiasts of LS engines, diesels, Mustangs, and more. Read More


Video: Nitrous Malfunction Causes C6 Corvette to Burst Into Flames

Check out this video and see what happens when a nitrous system malfunctions at a mere 180mph. Definitely a scenario we wouldn't want to be in. Read More


Dyno Video: Stylish LS3 w/ 8-Stack Pulls 567 Horsepower

Destined for a '67 Corvette, this 6.2-liter LS3 engine built by Southern Performance Systems sports a nostalgic appearance but offers the power and streetability of EFI. Check out the details. Read More


Installing a Mantic 9000 HD Clutch in a 2013 1LE Camaro

The Camaro 1LE was built for the track right off of the showroom floor, but that doesn't mean that you can't improve upon it's track prowess. Follow along as we install a Mantic dual disc clutch... Read More


HP Tuners Announces 2014 Camaro SS and ZL1 Calibration Support

HP Tuners is debuting calibration support for the 2014 Camaro SS and ZL1, ensuring that these late-fifth-gen Camaros, get access to all the options previous model year cars have enjoyed. Read More


LS3 x 3 – Comparing Three Performance Cams on the Engine Dyno

In this tech installment, we take an in-depth look at dyno tests of three of Crane Cam's most popular LS3 grinds. Step inside to get the real-world data on how each different cam affects the LS3's power production. Read More


Late Model Engines Shows Off Some Of Their LSX Bullets

Late Model Engines specializes in the General Motors LS engine platform and and counts many successful racers among their customers. Check out a few of their builds inside! Read More

Lunati LS Valve Springs

Lunati’s Dual Valve Spring Kit For Your LS Engine

Need some peace of mind to go with your cam swap? These spring kits were designed for the most aggressive LS camshafts available on the market. Read More

Urban Engines 1

Interview: We Talk To Legendary LS Engine Builder Kurt Urban

Kurt Urban has been the go-to guy for some of the most prominent LS builds known to mankind. We recently got him to slow down just long enough to give us some insight into where he's been, and where he's going next... Read More


Fluidampr For Your LS-Series Engine

Today's cars rely on a harmonic balancer, or crankshaft damper, to reduce torsional vibration typically found in the crankshaft when the engine is under load. While a technical innovation in its own right, it is still possible to improve over the OEM design. Read More

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