New Product: Edelbrock’s Cross-Ram Intake Manifold for the LS3

After over 3 years of development, Edelbrock released a innovative new cross-ram intake manifold for fourth generation LS engines.Read More


7 GM LS & LT Crate Engines You Should Consider For Your Next Build

Junkyard builds can be awesome, but sometimes you don’t want the hassle, or inherit risk, of resurrecting previously-loved LS engines. We show you seven LS and LT crate engines you should consider.Read More


LS3 VS Coyote Budget Shootout Results: The Winner Is…

The wait is over - we're ready to dish the dirt about how the Coyote fared on the dyno for the LS3 versus Coyote engine shootout. Here's all the details on how much power the Ford motor makes and where it makes it.Read More

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Video: Proof That You Can Make Your C5 Better With The Help Of A C6

In the world of LS-swaps, sometimes it seems like the more wild and out-of-the-box the transplant, the better a swap it is. However, Travis and his LS3-swapped C5 prove that even LS-cars can benefit from an LS-swap.Read More

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Video: FAST LSX Interchangeable Runner Dyno Testing

FAST is changing the game for LSX intake manifolds with interchangeable runners. Now you can tune your powerband with 3 lengths of runner, or mix and match!Read More


Motovicity And Duttweiler Build A Custom Spec LS3 427 Stroker

This LS3 stroker motor put together by one of the best engine builders around provides plenty of ideas for any LS build. And with more than 560 horsepower, it will be a strong runner on the street, strip, or track.Read More


March Performance Eliminates An LS Swap Headache

If you are planning to do an LS swap into your classic ride or street rod, are you prepared to overcome the issue of driving your accessories? March Performance not only has what you need, but they make it easy.Read More

Pace Performance

Pace Performance Releases LS/LT 6L Connect And Cruise Packages

Pace Performance has released LS/LT Connect And Cruise Packages. These packages include all the harnesses, programming, hardware & fluids needed for easy install. Check 'em out!Read More


Add Your LS-Powered Vehicle To MSD’s Facebook Page

LS power is fitted to all kinds of great cars on MSD's Facebook page. Take a look and you will see Chevelles, Novas, several trucks and even a '69 Barracuda sure to throw a wrench into the minds of the Mopar guys.Read More

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Is This The Perfect Resto-Mod C3 Corvette?

Seems like C3s gets the brunt of bad customizations. Not to worry, we have a breath of fresh air for you! Here's a crisp, clean take on a resto-mod 1968 Corvette that's darn near perfect. Read More


Update: LS3 vs Coyote Budget Shootout; LS3 Dyno Results Are In!

It's been a long time coming, but we're finally ready to reveal how our LS3 fared on the dyno for the LS3 versus Coyote engine shootout. Here's all the details on how much power the LS3 makes and where it makes it. Read More

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SPEC Clutch Helps Put It Down and Increase Your Power

SPEC Clutches & Flywheels have a solid reputation for building high-quality products for any range of performance, and help get your power to the ground. But would you believe they can help you make more power?Read More

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LSFree Sweepstakes Update: Turbo And More!

One lucky winner will get a 1,000 plus Horsepower turbocharged LS3 from Steve Morris Engines. Check out this update on the progress of the build. Read More

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LS-Free Sweepstakes: Win A 1000hp LS3 From Steve Morris!

Steve Morris Engines is giving away a turbocharged, 1000 horsepower LS3 as part of their LS-Free Sweepstakes. Follow the build and see how to enter!Read More


Video: Onboard in a World Challenge Corvette

Mike Skeen thrashes his World Challenge-spec C6 Corvette around Road Atlanta; sliding the car through the corners and storming down the long straightaways. With lively, natural handling, the car is something to see.Read More


Video: Ten Second C6 Corvette Daily Driver Hits the Dragstrip

With 730 horsepower to the wheels, this 2009 Corvette is the perfect balance of power and drivability. Watch it steal a Viper's lunch money at the dragstrip...Read More