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Zip Corvette 08

Grab Your Keys – Zip Corvette’s Cruisin’ In The Fast Lane Is Soon

A long winter of keeping your Corvette in the garage got you down? Well Zip Corvette has the perfect excuse to grab the keys, dust it off, and get it outside – their 5th annual Cruisin' In The Fast Lane Car Show. Read More


LSXTV Changing Name To LSX Magazine

The most widely read LS and late model GM magazine on the internet is changing its name to better reflect what it does and continue to provide its audience with outstanding digital content. Read More


PRI 2015: C&R Racing Shapes Radiators With Precision

No, this isn't a radiator for a custom '33 Ford grille, but it could be. Check out the latest in cooling technology from C&R Racing. Read More


SEMA 2015: Ignited Recap

SEMA 2015 was concluded with the annual Ignited car show. From dusk into the evening the cars of SEMA filled the parking lot for a celebration and show. Read More


DiabloSport Has Supercharged Corvette Tuning For 2015 Z06

Diablosporthas introduced its new pre-loaded performance tunes for the Supercharged 2015 Corvette Z06, allowing for up to 30 horsepower and 20 lb-ft. of torque over the stock ZO6. Read More


C5 & C6 Embroidered Rear Bumper Bibs From Corvette America

Protection for your C5 or C6's rear end is just a click away with Corvette America. The company recently introduced new vinyl bibs to keep a Corvette's backside looking fresh. Check 'em out! Read More


V8 Excellence: The Glory and Majesty of the LS Platform

The LS platform has reached the end of the line as far as evolution goes, but we're still not over it. The saga of the landmark V8 that changed the world is recounted here in full, from the LS1 to the LSA.; Read More


Dream Car Creator: The 2015 Z06 Configurator is Up and Running

The C7 Z06 configurator is now live on Chevrolet's website. Prepare to lose yourself to all the leather trim, carbon fiber, and other bells and whistles for the foreseeable future. Read More


Big Red Corvette: Vic Edelbrock Jr.’s Awesome Blown C6 Z06

When Vic Edelbrock, Jr. sets foot inside his Z06, a lazy drive becomes a crazy drive thanks to the awesome E-force supercharger under the hood. Join us as we take a closer look at this incredible Vette. Read More


SV8.R Conversion by Supervettes Takes the C6 to Extremes

Supervettes has unveiled their latest creation, the SV8.R conversion, which radically reworks the look of the C6. Under development for the last three years, Supervettes says that it will also be reworked to suit the C7 as soon as that car is available to be laser-scanned. Read More


Coker Tire Releases a 17-Inch Phoenix Front Runner Drag Tire

Coker Tire continues to expand their lineup of tires for everyone from the casual enthusiast to the weekend warrior. Now they have released a 17-inch Phoenix front-runner tire. Intended for use by owners of late-model cars or vintage cars with larger brake rotors. Read More