Late Model Racecraft

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Video: Late Model Racecraft Puts Down 1,000 HP With a C7 Z06

LMR has released their newest 2015 C7 Z06 Stage II Package which puts about 750 hp to the rear wheels. When combined with a nitrous system, see just how much this Z06 is producing!Read More


LMR Sets The 2015 Z06 HP Record With The Help of Nitrous Express

Thanks to the work of LMR and Nitrous Express, this 2015 Z06 is generating some enormous power and should soon be breaking some records on the quarter mile.Read More


Video: C7 Z06 Packs A Bigger Punch Under The Hood Thanks To LMR

Late Model Racecraft took a C7 Z06 to the next level performance-wise, and then strapped it on a dyno to see what sort of gains they made. 50 HP? 80 HP? 100HP? More?? Click on to see for yourself!Read More

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Late Model Racecraft Breaks Another 1/4 Mile Record – Their Own!

LMR is at it again! This time, breaking their own record - these guys just won't stop churning out awesomeness.Read More

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LMR’s Twin-turbo C7 Blows Through The Quarter With A 10.2 @ 140 mph

Late Model Racecraft never ceases to impress us. Their LMR800 twin-turbo package definitely livens up the C7! Check out the quarter-mile run in the post!Read More


Video: Night Meet at Late Model Racecraft from TX2K14 – And Bikinis!

The gang at Late Model Racecraft kicked out the jams for a Night Meet during last weekend's insane TX2K14 event in the Houston area. Bikinis also make an appearance - you've been warned!Read More


Video: Late Model Racecraft’s C7 Corvette at TX2K14

Check out Late Model Racecraft's wild supercharged C7 Corvette on the dyno - there's no such thing as "too much horsepower"!Read More

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Video: A Ride in the World’s Most Powerful C7, Built by LMR

LMR's twin-turbo C7 is arguably the highest horsepower Stingray in the world as of right now. Check out the video for a dyno run and some freeway pulls with their beautiful co-pilot.Read More


Video: Checking out Late Model Racecraft’s Collection

One viewing of this video and you'll see exactly why Late Model Racecraft is world renowned for their LS performance builds.Read More


Video: 3,200 Horsepower Worth of Lamborghini and Corvette

With all of that power in one place at tx2k13, the inner child makes it difficult for us to contain urges that have been marinating all winter long; it's only natural. In this video, we see two very impressive cars go at it on the highways of Houston. Don't try this at home, Kids!Read More


Video: Sarah Leann and the Twin-Turbo Vette Back on the Track

It is with great pride that we present to you HighTechCorvette’s latest entry to the popular “hot girls riding in fast cars” series of documentary films. This next video is actually a sequel, featuring fan favorite Sarah Leann riding shotgun in a twin-turbo Corvette that is among the fastest streetcars in TeRead More

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Video: Luke Braswell Shows Us The Ins And Outs Of A Vette Photoshoot

Everybody who's into cars has taken a picture or two of their favorites. But what does it take to actually get professional results? Here's a look behind the scenes at the work that goes into getting that perfect shot.Read More


Video: LMR Takes Gold at Corvette Invitational

If 427 cubic inches and twin 76mm turbos weren't enough, how about nitrous oxide on top for a claimed 2,000 horsepower? We tend to believe that number...Read More


LMR Selling Their 2,000 HP C6 Corvette For Over $100K

As an enthusiast you’re always looking for a way to go faster. Some of us are constantly looking for our next mod, big or small. Others just want to buy something already fast. If you’re a part of the latter, boy have we found the car for you... Read More


Video: Twin-Turbo LMR Corvette Wins “King of the Streets”

For the Fall 2012 "King of the Streets" roll-racing competition at the Texas Invitational, the T1 Race Development Nissan GT-R was pitted against Steven Fereday in an LMR built Corvette C6. Step inside to see how the battle from 60 MPH to well over 175 MPH unfolded between these two beasts...Read More

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Video: Airstrip Race Action From This Year’s Texas Invitational

This year's Texas Invitational "King of the Street" at the Caddo Mills Municipal Airport was the ultimate rolling start showdown between American and foreign forces. Corvette was a well-represented marque, and several examples of the flagship racer ran side-by-side with Supras and others from around the globe.Read More