Video: Here’s Your Go-To Example Of Why The C6 Z06 Is So Great

How do you push your factory, daily-driver sports car from 450 RWHP to nearly 600 RWHP, with relatively minor modification? Well, you start with a C6 Z06, of course. Read More


PRI 2015: MSD Performance Displays new LT1 Atomic Air Force Intake

MSD is keeping with the latest in performance with the new Atomic Air Force Intake System. Read More

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PRI 2015: Built For Boost: Wilson Manifolds Billet Elbows

Wilson Manifolds added a full-length plenum divider to its line of billet elbows to allow more efficient flow into the engine. The elbows are offered in popular Ford and Chevy throttle body bolt patterns. Read More


MSD Launches Atomic AirForce Intake Manifold For LT1s

New from MSD – the Atomic AirForce intake manifold for LT1 engines. It's a two-piece part with easy access to both ends of the runners, and promotes maximum airflow through the design of the runners and plenum. Read More


Project C700: An Increase in Breathability

With some help from K&N, our 2015 C7 Stingray dubbed Project C700 gets an increase in intake efficiency, and we show you the dyno results for both of the intake options that you can perform at home. Read More


Video: Holley Rocks Old School Cool With SBC Tri-Power Carb Kit

Anyone who ever said three's a crowd has probably never sat behind the wheel of a 427 Vette with a Tri-Power. Check out this old school setup from Holley - and the best part? He said "some assembly required." Read More


Lingenfelter Debuts Liquid To Air Intercooler For C7s

Lingenfelter's new C7 liquid-to-air intercooler can service your forced induction supercar like never before. Increased power, better fuel delivery, and light weight, all in one. Get yours today! Read More


Video: Vararam VR-X LS3 Manifold on the Dyno

We finally get a closer look at the Vararam VR-X manifold, and see how it performs on the dyno compared to both stock and aftermarket intakes. Read More


SEMA 2014: AFE Creates Bolt-On Performance You Can Count On

Advanced Flow Engineering has a great reputation for increasing airflow both in and out of a motor, and now may be able to help with your suspension tuning as well. Read More


SEMA 2014: CORSA Performance Gets the Air In and Out in Style

CORSA Performance has your exhaust and intake needs met for many domestic cars and trucks, and with this success they are further branching into the import market. Read More

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Reader Reaction: Best and Worst Corvette Mods

We asked our readers what they thought were the best and worst mods to do to a brand new Corvette, some of the responses will surprise you. Read More


Vararam Unveils New VR-X Intake Manifold for LS Engines

This new modular manifold design is made from a lightweight, durable Zytel polymer, and is low-profile enough to fit under late model Corvette hoods without modifications to the car. Read More


Edelbrock’s “Fits Like A Glove” Promotion–Gloves And Money!

Edelbrock's "Fits Like a Glove" promotion is starting on May 1st. It'll be the perfect time to snag yourself that Air-Gap manifold you've had your eye on, and come away with a couple of great prizes too. Read More


Product Spotlight: Edelbrock Victor Series Manifolds For BB Chevys

Edelbrock revises and improves their 35-year-old Victor Ram 2-R Tunnel Ram, which is now ready and available for GM big-block applications. It has been updated with better runners and a bigger plenum, learn more! Read More


Hot Promo: Edelbrock’s Big Carb Deal Is Back!

Edelbrock has brought back the famous BIG Carb Deal! With the purchase of a qualifying carburetor or carb/intake kit between March 1 - April 30, 2014, receive a free Air cleaner and fender cover. Read More


Line Your Pockets in 2014 with Chevrolet Performance Contingency

Racing is an expensive hobby, but the Chevy Performance contingency program can help ease the financial burden for successful sportsman racers as well as pros. Read More

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