Video: Magnuson Heartbeat Supercharger Install Timelapse at LPE

Watch this hypnotic timelapse of a Magnuson Heartbeat supercharger installation on a C6 Corvette at Lingenfelter Performance Engineering.Read More


V8 Excellence: The Glory and Majesty of the LS Platform

The LS platform has reached the end of the line as far as evolution goes, but we're still not over it. The saga of the landmark V8 that changed the world is recounted here in full, from the LS1 to the LSA.;Read More


Ready on Three! The Stock Looking Z06 Packing One Angry LS

After years of experience with an LS-powered GTO, Brian Bone decided he wanted to take his love of LS motors to the next level – with a C6 Z06 that packs much more than what meets the eye.Read More


Centerforce’s New DYAD Clutch For Multiple LS Applications Available

Centerforce has just released one of their DYAD multi-disc designs for multiple LS applications. If you're interested in greater holding power and stock-type drivability, you need to put these on your list.Read More


Crane Cams’ Muscle Car Camshaft Guide

Crane Cams knows the muscle car industry, in fact, they've been around since the early 50's. If you own an iconic muscle car and are looking for a cam from that era, a Blueprint cam might just be what you want.Read More


LSX Challenge Commerce 2013 Same Day Coverage

Round 2 of the 2013 LSX Challenge Series tour is under way at Atlanta Dragway in Commerce, Georgia, as part of the Chevy High Performance Nationals, and we'll have boots on the ground all weekend long to bring you daily updates, photos, and news. Read More


Vengeance Racing Hosts A Customer Appreciation Day

Vengeance Racing is one of the biggest names in the automotive community when it comes to building and tuning LSX-powered vehicles. They've been in business for years, supplying members of our community with some of the sickest high-horsepower builds in the hobby. Now they want to give back to the enthusiasts...Read More


Video: ZR1, CTS-V, and GTO Standing Mile Top Speed Comparison

In this video from YouTube we get a look at how the Corvette ZR1, 2nd Gen CTS-V, and a late-model GTO's top speeds stack up against each other in the standing mile. Interestingly, there are also a host of other vehicles tested - including a Dodge Ram pickup. Click the link to watch the craziness for yourself...Read More


Video: Free Power for Your LS2?

“Free power” is a term that is readily welcome in any mechanic’s dictionary. Unfortunately, if you own an LS2 powered vehicle the list of examples that fall into the free mods category are ridiculously limited. Step inside to learn how to pick up a few ponies without breaking the bank.Read More

SS 3

Video: Will GM Unveil A 4-Door C7 Corvette?

While Corvette may always be the most high-speed, aerodynamic thing that GM has to offer, General of North America's president, Mark Reuss also recognizes the company's need for a luxury performance segment. That's why Chevy's new SS sedan for '14 promises to be the Vette's 4-door equivalent, even packing an LT1!Read More


Quarter Master Doubles Down with Optimum-SR Clutch for LS Cars

At first, the go-to plan was to drop a bomb-proof Powerglide behind a monster LS and call it a day. But there are plenty of car guys who want that third pedal, and that's where Quarter Master and their new Optimum-SR two disc clutch come in.Read More

SEMA Showcase

SEMA 2012: A Look Through The New Products Showcase

Are you looking for the latest high performance parts for your LS-powered musclecar? The aftermarket is here to help, and we got to check out all of the new products at this year's SEMA show. If you want to learn more, click the link here.Read More

Nitrous Express

Nitrous Express Launches 3-Bolt N2O Plate Kit For LS Engines

For the owners of older LS-powered vehicles looking for a quick, cheap, and easy does of adrenaline, should look into Nitrous Express's 3-bolt Nitrous Plate System. It's affordable horsepower in a bottle, and it's easily installed. It's specifically designed for the Gen-III and early Gen-IV GM LS V8's.Read More


Get A Heavy Duty Pressure Plate For Your LS With Mantic Clutch

Australian-based parts manufacturer Mantic Clutch makes a splash with the Street ER² pressure plate kit. Its high torque capacity makes it a must-have for top-end applications. Check it out!Read More