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Corvette Turbo Prototypes: A Boost into the Future

In the search for more power in the wake of the emissions- and economy-strangled 70's, General Motors looked to boost performance with turbocharged Corvette prototypes. Here is their story... Read More

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The 1962 C2 Corvette Grand Sport: One of the Rarest Corvettes Ever

Follow us on a historical journey through the creation of one of the rarest Corvettes ever– the 1962 Corvette Grand Sport Read More


2015 Z06 Coupe and Convertible Side-by-Side

Are you a Corvette enthusiast waiting to purchase a 2015 Z06? The decision of whether to buy a coupe or a convertible might be a difficult one. Read More

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New 2015 Z06 Details Released

New information regarding the 2015 Z06 drivetrain and performance data recorder surfaced at the Chevrolet Corvette Vehicle Event in Troy, Michigan. Read More


Falconer ZR-12: The Viper-Fighter Corvette that Never Was

When Dodge unveiled the Viper, the Corvette team decided to engage in a bit of one-upmanship with a one of a kind V12 Corvette prototype. Here's the story of the ZR-12... Read More


eBay Find: 1962 Fiberfab Centurion

The car is pretty rough, with underhood shots showing a lot missing from the small-block engine, and the interior as rough as a corncob as well. For the right enthusiast, this car would make a good starting point... Read More


BREAKING: Union Approves Strike Authorization at Corvette Plant

By a margin of 93.3% in favor, United Auto Workers local 2164 members have voted to authorize a strike at the General Motors plant in Bowling Green, Kentucky that produces the Chevrolet Corvette. Read More


Breaking: Corvette Workers Will Vote on Strike Authorization Today

"The strike vote doesn't necessarily mean we will strike, but it does give us the authorization..." - UAW Local 2164 President Eldon Renaud Read More


Matt Busby Named NCM Motorsports Park Track Operations Manager

As opening day for the NCM Motorsports Park nears, more of the pieces fall into place, including key staff positions... Read More


National Corvette Museum Open for Business, Adds Viewing Window

While the Skydome area is off-limits for obvious reason while the Corvettes are retrieved, and the damage is repaired, the rest of the Museum is open for business. Read More


Sinkhole Consumes Several Cars at the National Corvette Museum

A sinkhole occurred beneath none other than the National Corvette Museum’s “Skydome,” home to the Hall of Fame and dozens of valuable, irreplaceable Corvettes. At least eight of these cars have been swallowed. Read More


Video: C7 Z06 Prototype Found in Yuma, Arizona

The driver of this test mule Z06 Corvette Stingray undoubtedly didn't start his day with plans of being filmed in a Walmart parking lot - but he was, and here it is for your perusal. Read More


Video: C7 Corvette Stingray Visits The Hallowed Halls of NASA

Are you a space buff that loves Corvettes? If so, this video is for you - it's an enlightening look at how the Space Race took shape from astronaut Walt Cunningham. And there's a Velocity Yellow Stingray to boot! Read More


Pink Pearl Corvette Owned by Harley Earl’s Wife For Sale

While Harley Earl retired from GM in 1958, he was still on good enough terms to order a pair of custom 1963 Corvette Stingrays, including a one-off Pink Pearl coupe for his wife, Sue, which goes up for sale soon. Read More

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Video: Old School High Tech – 1953 Corvette Factory Film

When you marvel at all technology in the new C7, remember the road to automotive innovation and greatness started somewhere.This old film of the original Corvette factory shows where it all began... Read More

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Chevy Silverado And Corvette Earn Best In North America

Chevrolet dominates the Detroit Auto Show by earning the coveted North American Car and Truck Of The Year award for the Silverado and Corvette. Read More

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