DeatschWerks Releases Industry’s First Dual-Stage Fuel Filter

DeatschWerks has released the first innovative dual-stage fuel filter that provides added protection with a neodymium magnet prior to mechanical filtration. Check it out here!Read More


States Push Back Against Ethanol Rule in Renewable Fuel Standard

If you live in one of these three states, you've got a chance to talk to your state legislators to help repeal the ethanol mandate in the EPA's Renewable Fuel Standard. Which states may be a surprise.Read More


AEM Releases Flex Fuel Ethanol Content Sensor Kits

AEM's new Fuel Ethanol Content (Flex Fuel) Sensor Kits ensure optimum engine calibration for a performance vehicle's fuel ethanol content. Check them out!Read More


Video: TFLCar Pits The C7 Against A BMW (Hybrid, That Is)

A 2015 C7 convertible takes on a 2015 BMW i8 in a head-to-head drag race in the high country of Colorado. The results? We'd love to share them with you, but something funny happened in the editing stages.Read More


CPR Racing Introduces New Universal Bypass Fuel Regulators

CPR Racing's new universal bypass fuel pressure regulators help your machine create awesome power at all times. Two available AN fittings, adjustable PSI pressure, and an anodized finish make these parts great.Read More


DeatschWerks DW300 Fuel Pump Features 20 Percent Flow Increase

DeatschWerks' DW300 fuel pump offers 340 liters per hour of fuel flow and minimized pump temperatures thanks to a redesign that offers low amperage draw and increased pump life. It works in many applications.Read More


Carb Defender Designed to Counter Harmful Side Effects of Ethanol

The ethanol industry and EPA are pushing for E15, or pump gas with 15 percent ethanol blends. Car enthusiasts, however, remain concerned about the potential harmful side effects of ethanol. Carb Defender from Driven Racing Oil is designed to protect against corrosion in the fuel system from ethanol use.Read More


Avgas Replaces Unleaded At New Jersey Gas Station

Some people want to buy avgas for their performance vehicle, or their sand rails. But quite a few unsuspecting people in New Jersey may have gotten the aviation fuel during a fill up when a gas station filled their underground tanks instead of unleaded.Read More


Tech Review: VP Racing Fuels’ Lineup Of Unleaded Performance Fuels

One size does not fit all in the business of high-performance driving, but when it comes to unleaded fuels for racing and high performance applications, VP Racing Fuels has a blend to accommodate virtually need. In this tech feature, we'll take a look at some of these popular fuels.Read More


VP Raises The Bar With New 101 & 102 Octane Street Legal Fuels

Recently VP Racing Fuels released two new octane levels for street legal cars, in the form of their VP 101 and 102 octane fuels. They just sent over the official press release on both grades, and we have it for you here inside!Read More


Racing Oil vs. Street Oil: Know the Differences

Understanding the basics of oil formulas for both street and race engines can help engine builders make the right selection to achieve optimum performance and parts protection. EngineLabs talks with the experts at Driven Oil, Lucas Oil and Royal Purple to learn their strategies.Read More


PRI 2012: Royal Purple’s New Product Aims At Cleaner Fuel Systems

Royal Purple's new Max-Clean fuel system cleaner and stabilizer is three products in one. We got the low down on the company's latest car care product at the PRI tradeshow. Read more about it here.Read More


SEMA 2012: Royal Purple Adds Fuel Treatment To Arsenal

If you're like most, getting your hands on the latest and greatest products this industry has to offer is what this hobby is all about. Royal Purple has just launched an all-new fuel treatment system for your daily driver or project vehicle. We caught up with Royal to get the inside scoop. Read to find out more!Read More