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Corvette Fiberglass Pioneer Ralph Eckler Dies

The guru of Corvette customs has passed. Ralph Eckler was a trailblazer in custom Corvette parts and fiberglass. He may be gone, but but his cool 'Vettes will live on forever. RIP Mr. Eckler.Read More


WVW: Chrome-Wrapped Corvette Wraps Itself Around Pole

This Wrecked Vette Wednesday shows that bad taste and bad drivers seem to go together all too often, as is the case with this chrome-wrapped C7 Corvette that crashed into a gas station. Read More


Avgas Replaces Unleaded At New Jersey Gas Station

Some people want to buy avgas for their performance vehicle, or their sand rails. But quite a few unsuspecting people in New Jersey may have gotten the aviation fuel during a fill up when a gas station filled their underground tanks instead of unleaded.Read More


SEMA 2011: Pulstar’s New Power Sport Plugs

Pulstar plugs are known throughout the automotive industry as a way to add horsepower and fuel mileage. They have seen such good results that, everyone has been keeping a close eye out for a Pulstar high-performance plug for quite some time. Well we got some good news at SEMA 2011! Read More