Factory Five

FFR GTM Burnout 02

Video: Corvette-Powered Factory Five GTM Stretching Its Legs

Who doesn't love a good burnout session? And what about Factory Five kit cars - those are cool too, right? And both together? Awesome. Check out this video to see for yourself.Read More


Supercar Ex Machina: Factory Five’s GTM Kit Cars Are Made From C5s

Ever heard of the Factory Five GTM? Envisioned as a home-built supercar, this MR-drivetrain kit car uses a C5's running gear with a custom-built chassis to go from 0-60 mph in three seconds. Talk about badass!Read More


SEMA 2013: Factory Five – A Car Community Like No Other

The automotive industry is a close-knit community, but Factory Five Racing takes it one step further. Lucky for us, we were able to catch up with company owner Dave Smith while at SEMA to find out more!Read More


Video: Running and Driving Salvage Z06 Ready For LS7 Project Car Fun

Every time we see one of these body-less salvaged Corvettes our minds run wild with crazy project car ideas. This running and driving low mileage C6 Z06 especially got our gears turning. Step inside for all the info... Read More

SEMA 2011 Thursday 213

SEMA 2011: Build Your Dream Ride with Factory Five

Unfortunately, in the world today, there just aren’t enough original Shelby Cobras, ’33 Ford Coupes, or even exotic late model sports cars to go around. But, thanks to the good folks at Factory Five, the rareness of these models doesn’t mean that you can’t build and own one for yourself. Read More