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eBay Find: One Hot C7 That’s Ready For Battle

Currently for sale on eBay is the 1,000 rwhp Vengeance Racing C7 they dubbed "The Fastest Manual Transmission C7 in the World." This is your chance to buy some serious bragging rights! Read More


eBay Find: This Corvette Ad is as Creative as it is Strange

This definitely isn't the strangest thing we've seen, but its escalation to pure randomness leaves us baffled. Read More


eBay Find: Brand New Widebody C7 Stingray For Sale – Any Takers?

Check out this mean widebody C7 Stingray for sale! Definitely out of the ordinary to see a wide C7 on the road, so why not be that person? Read More

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Check Out This Rare 1970 Corvette LS5 Barn Find

Stored in a barn for a couple of decades, this slightly dismantled 1970 LS5 definitely needs some work, but could be a fun project! Read More


eBay Find: 1962 Fiberfab Centurion

The car is pretty rough, with underhood shots showing a lot missing from the small-block engine, and the interior as rough as a corncob as well. For the right enthusiast, this car would make a good starting point... Read More


eBay Find: You’ll Pay for the C4 Corvette, but the Sob Story is Free

With six days left on the auction, two bidders have already run the price up from a starting bid of $200 to an even grand, and there's no reserve, so somebody is going to take this gem home... Read More


Is This the Only New Old Stock Rochester Fuel Injection Unit Left?

For someone looking to restore a carb-converted factory fuelie, even at almost $19 grand this Rochester mechanical fuel injection setup might be the investment of a lifetime... Read More


Video: DIY’er Fits Cadillac Thermal Image Night Vision to His C6

The 2015 C7 will have an optional front-facing camera, but this decade-old technology lets this Corvette owner see in the dark... Read More


eBay Find: Busted C7 Corvette Goes for a Low Bid

Want a 2014 Corvette Stingray, but don't want to pay full price? If you're handy, and don't mind missing air bags, refurbing this busted 2014 Corvette in striking Laguna Blue might not be a bad idea. Read More


eBay Find: Miniature C1 Corvette Go-Cart is Full of Win

How sweet would this miniature Corvette go-cart be to own? This limited production 1958 C1 Corvette go-cart is for sale on eBay right now - check it out! Read More


eBay Find: Failvette C4

The C4 is an acquired taste to modern eyes - even more so when it's a C4 that has been "aggressively customized" by throwing the entire JC Whitney catalog at it... Read More


Is this 1965 Corvette the Worst Basket Case on eBay?

Is there such a thing as a "dock find"? This C2 has suffered both at the hands of Mother Nature and an aborted restoration attempt. Can it be salvaged to live again? Read More


It Came from eBay: 1981 C3 “The Beast”

Sometimes, you've just gotta sell that Corvette. But how well will it sell when it's adorned with airbrushed checkered flags and a demonic mural, and called "The Beast"? Read More


eBay Find: Custom, One-Of-A-Kind Widebody C4 Coupe

This custom C4 coupe could be the vehicle of your dreams - or it could be your worst nightmare. Check out the details inside! Read More


eBay Find: PPR’s Twin-Turbo, Standing-Mile C5 Le Mans Z06

Performance Power Racing out of West Palm Beach, Florida has built what could be the fastest and most obscure Z06 on the planet, an '04 C5 with twin-turbos that's broken the 250-mile per hour barrier in the standing mile. It's our featured eBay Find, and it's one of the C5 generation's rarest performance pieces! Read More


eBay Find: Katech C5.R Engine For Sale

In the market for some racing memorabilia, or just looking for the ultimate cruise night bragging rights motor swap? Then we have just the thing for you! For sale now on eBay is this FIA GT1-spec C5.R powerplant, complete and ready to run. Read More

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