Option K66: GM’s First Electronic Ignition Is Far From Pointless

The K66 Transistorized Ignition system is far from complicated, but rendered greatly-improved spark and high-RPM performance in its day. It's a relatively simple system that has been misunderstood for decades. Read More

BM Vette 03

eBay Find: Bill Mitchell’s Vibrant 1980 Corvette Stingray

Don't let anyone tell you that the paint isn't one of the most important features to a car's look. Even if you're not a fan of this 250-thousand dollar, custom Stingray's styling, you have to love that color.Read More

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Rare Corvette C4 in Mint Condition Up for Grabs

Up for grabs on eBay, fantastic 1988 Corvette C4 only 4,600 miles old and featuring a rare 4-speed manual transmission. Don't let this one go!Read More


Make This 1968 Corvette SCCA B Class Racer Yours For Just $35,000

Vintage racing isn't cheap, but this '68 Corvette B/Production race car is a relative bargain compared to the fun it will offer.Read More


eBay Find: 1954 Corvette C1 Up for Grabs!

Up for grabs on eBay is a 1954 Corvette C1 in outstanding restorative condition, and the original 235 Blue Flame inline-six cylinder engine is still in place.Read More


Leopard, Cheetah, or Jaguar–It’s a 1971 Chevrolet Corvette Coupe

This eBay find is quite the interesting vehicle that appears to have lived quite the life. Take a look inside and see where this C3 has gone, you may just want to buy!Read More

Blue Vette 4

eBay Find: Warmed Over “Pennant Blue” 1954 C1 offered at $99K

Check out his cool blue C1 Vette that's for sale on eBay. It has some loose ends and is priced in the stratosphere, but looks great in rare "Pennant Blue," vintage mags, and whitewalls. Read More


eBay Find: Dusty C3 Hidden in an Indiana Garage For 27 Years

The owner of this C3 1969 Corvette is finally ready to part ways with their Vette that's been hidden away for nearly 30 years.Read More


eBay Find: 1965 Corvette Grand Sport Clone

The clock is ticking on this swell Grand Sport clone made by Mid America Industries. The auction's up on eBay and the bidders are going crazy; when will the madness end?!Read More


eBay Find: 1966 Corvette In a Cool Nassau Blue

This C2 has been its life in the Southwest, and is sure to be a good cruiser for Summer. See what you think of the current bid price.Read More


ebay Find: 1958 Chevrolet Corvette Convertible From Florida

If a Cascade Green 1958 Corvette Convertible is something you can't live without, then bid on ebay and pack your suitcase for the sunny Florida coastline. Read More


eBay Find: 1960 Tasco Turquoise Chevrolet Corvette Convertible

This car maintains the original 283 cubic-inch V8 engine, with solid lifters, high performance cam, dual quad carbs, and a four-speed trans. Quite the package in 1960!Read More


eBay Find: 1990 ZR1 Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 < 1,000 Miles!

Believe it or not, a 1990 ZR1 has surfaced on eBay with less the 1,000 original miles on it. Available now with the classic red on black color scheme, this one is sure to bring a few dollars.Read More


Going, Going, Gone: L89 Corvette Pops Up In The Land Down Under

This C3 from Australia went up for auction last week on eBay, and it packed a really cool surprise...can you guess what it is? Click here to find out.Read More


eBay Find: 1972 Chevrolet Corvette With Some Unique Features

Found on eBay, was this '72 Vette with some unique features and build choices. Check out the type of customizations this car has undergone and what the seller says about it!Read More


eBay Find: One Hot C7 That’s Ready For Battle

Currently for sale on eBay is the 1,000 rwhp Vengeance Racing C7 they dubbed "The Fastest Manual Transmission C7 in the World." This is your chance to buy some serious bragging rights!Read More