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Edelbrock E-Force Superchargers For The 2014 C7 Corvette Stingray

The new Corvette Stingray offers a world-beating host of features. Thanks to the new E-Force supercharger from Edelbrock, the engine can be pumped up to 624 horsepower while retaining near-stock drivability. Read More


Edelbrock In Search Of Test Vehicles For E-Force Superchargers

Edelbrock engineers some 200 new products each and every year, and that takes a lot of research and development on a range of vehicles, many of them coming direct from their customers. Read More


Big Red Corvette: Vic Edelbrock Jr.’s Awesome Blown C6 Z06

When Vic Edelbrock, Jr. sets foot inside his Z06, a lazy drive becomes a crazy drive thanks to the awesome E-force supercharger under the hood. Join us as we take a closer look at this incredible Vette. Read More


SEMA 2013: Edelbrock E-FORCE Supercharger for C7 Vette and Silverado

It was a race to finish Edelbrock's C7 Corvette E-FORCE supercharger in time for the SEMA show, but thanks to a little bit of prior planning and a lot of hard work, they beat the clock and made it in time... Read More


Edelbrock: Name A Supercharger, Win A Free Edelbrock Jacket

Free stuff is kinda cool, right? In order to get a 75th Anniversary mechanic's jacket from Edelbrock Performance, you don't need to shell out any money - all you have to do is come up with the winning name for their new Classic Supercharger. Piece of cake, check inside for details. Read More


SEMA 2012: Rad Rides by Troy Builds One Bad ’59 Vette

At a show where the vehicles on display range from "awe-inspiring" to "eyesore" and every spot in between, we'd have to say that this classic Corvette reborn with state-of-the-art running gear is subtle enough to keep Y-body purists happy while still being unique and modern. Read More


Edelbrock’s E-FORCE – Real World Results

Upgrading a late model Corvette with a supercharger isn't an inexpensive proposition, so it's not surprising that most owners contemplating the job do a lot of research first. If you're dropping a couple grand on a blower kit, you want to know what to expect for your hard-earned cash. Read More

Punisher 2

Video: LMR Does It Again With Their “Punisher” C6

Previously, LMR of Houston squeezed 591 horses from their "Twisted" C6. This time they've raised the bar a notch with their nitrous-fed, "Punisher" powered by a 440-cube LS7 that's capable of cranking 904 horses on nitrous. The 'Vette also utilizes a set of "Stage 3" heads with an LSX-spec COMP cam. Read More