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Video: The Dynojet Success Story

Dynojet's effects on the automotive aftermarket are vast and wide, but how are its dynamometers important to the companies that use them? This video poses the question to several tuning companies across the USA. Read More


Video: The Tuning School Dynos a C7 Corvette… Chassis

How The Tuning School came to be in possession of a functional Corvette C7 rolling chassis, complete with suspension and drivetrain, is beyond us. We guess someone knows somebody important at GM. Read More


PRI 2013: Dynocom 15,000 Series And The Importance Of Repeatability

From shops doing drivability and diagnostics, to those looking to tune cars or trucks making over 2,000 hp, Dynocom offers an array of products to fit any shop's needs. They show us some new innovations as well. Read More


Video: Livernois Motorsports Tunes the C7 Corvette Stingray

New 2014 Corvettes are just hitting dealership showrooms, and Livernois already has a tune available that unlocks extra performance. Check out the results... Read More


Video: MotorTrend goes to K&N HQ to test the Corvette Stingray Z51

Get an inside look at a company racers have relied on for decades, and see how the new Stingray does on a dyno that's seen more different cars than any other we can think of... Read More


Video: Lingenfelter Begins Development On LT1 V8

The 2014 Corvette's new LT1 engine is so different that GM has given some aftermarket specialists, like Lingenfelter Performance Engineering, early access to test new performance enhancements. Read More


Video: Edmunds Straps the 2014 Corvette Stingray to a Dyno

While flywheel horsepower ratings are great, the only numbers that really matter are measured at the rear wheels. Edmunds took a 2014 Corvette for the world’s first independent dyno test. Read More


Dynamometer 101 – Spinning ‘Round the World with Dynojet

The dynamometer is the handiest tool in your toolbox - it can assist you in diagnosing many issues along with providing the real-world horsepower and torque figures your car puts to the ground. Check it out here! Read More


Crazy Video: 30 Dyno Fails in Six Minutes!

Someone has taken the time to compile 30 videos of dyno fails. They're funny, tragic and enjoyable -- all the elements of entertainment. Take a look, and maybe the experience will help prevent you from becoming a YouTube hit! Read More


Horsepower on the Fly with AEM’s AQ-1 Data Logger and Dyno-Shaft

They say that knowledge is power. AEM's Dyno-Shaft and AQ-1 data logger show us the way to putting down more power at the track, and maximizing our race day setup. We explain some of the many ways the Dyno-Shaft can be used as a horsepower measurement and a tuning tool. Read More

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SCT Founder Chris Johnson Explains Benefits Of Using Dynojet Dyno

When you own businesses like SCT Performance and JMS Chip & Performance, you rely heavily on your dynamometer in your shop. Founder Chris Johnson's businesses are dependent on being able to provide accurate and reliable dyno results. Read More


Edmunds Stacks the 2013 Viper Against the 2012 ZR1 on the Dyno

Same day. Same dyno. 'Nuff said. Read More


Video: 1,400 HP TT Z06 On The Dyno…With Some Extra Passengers

Folks from other parts of the world definitely have their own ways of doing things. Hit the jump to watch this video of a 1,400-plus horsepower Z06 on the dyno, and see how dudes from the Middle East keep the rear tires planted to the rollers. Read More


Video: 1974 Corvette Lays Down Big Power On The Dyno

The 1970's weren't a great time for the Chevy Corvette, but that doesn't mean people didn't love these cars. This next video is a bit of nostalgia mixed with some rip-roaring on-the-dyno action. The story of this 1974 Corvette is sure to tug at your heartstrings. Read More