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Video: SIX-5 Corvette – Racing to the Finnish

Kimmo Nevalainen is out there, ready to come to where you live to kick your ass with SIX-5 if you're too lazy to come to him... Read More


Turn-Key Terror: JEGS C5 Corvette Pro Mod For Sale

Let's say you have some Powerball money burning a hole in your pocket. Have we got a deal for you...This C5 Corvette is ready to run 5.80s at 250+ mph. Read More


Video: Ten Second C6 Corvette Daily Driver Hits the Dragstrip

With 730 horsepower to the wheels, this 2009 Corvette is the perfect balance of power and drivability. Watch it steal a Viper's lunch money at the dragstrip... Read More


Video: 1973 Corvette with 2JZ Toyota Power Runs High 8’s

For purists, a drag-modified Corvette is bad enough, but put a 6-cylinder 2JZ powerplant under the hood and you're really going to make them mad... Read More


Video: ProCharged C6 Corvette Takes On Turbo 4th Gen Camaro

Both cars run hot, straight, and true, and though we won't ruin the surprise by telling you who wins, it's definitely a close matchup. Read More


PRI 2015: Fuel Injector Clinic 1650cc Injectors

The fuel injector is not as simple as a flow number, latency and pulse width are considerations to respect when selecting components for our engine. Read More


PRI 2015: Moroso Displays New Oil Pans And Billet Valve Covers

Moroso showed up with some very cool underhood bling this year, with low-profile oil pans for SBC and LS, and fabricated valve covers for Chevrolet. The real bling, however, were the billet valve covers we saw. Read More

ZR1 vs Z06 01

Video: ZR1 vs. Z06 – Is More Horsepower Always Better?

Though not the most popular philosophy in car-culture, the idea of 'less is more' makes its case in racing quite often. This video - where a 'Vette bridges a 200-plus horsepower gap - serves as proof. Read More


LG Motorsports Introduces 15-Inch Wheel Drag C7 Conversion Kits

New from LG Motorsports – the 15-inch wheel drag conversion kit for C7 Corvettes. This complete kit includes all the essentials to accommodate 15-inch wheels and make the Corvette more suitable for drag racing. Read More

150MPH Crash 05

C6 Goes Down In Flames – Yet Another Street Race Ends In Disaster

Street racing strikes again, this time claiming the life of a built Corvette C6. Fortunately, nobody was injured, but the incident stands as yet another example of why to keep racing off public roads. Read More


Video: This 2,400 Horsepower Corvette Is Hard To Contain

Believe it or not, there is such a thing as too much horsepower, as this twin-turbo Corvette struggling to get traction demonstrates. Read More


SEMA 2015: F.A.S.T. Shows Off Ignitions And Ignition Controllers

New for 2016 is F.A.S.T.'s E7 urethane-encased ignition box, designed to provide high-output, high-performance spark energy to race-specific vehicles. Check out more details on the new lineup inside. Read More


SEMA 2015: ATI Has Hot Parts For GTR, Hellcat, LS Engines, And TH400

ATI rolled out some serious performance parts at this year's SEMA Show, including parts for the Nissan GTR, Dodge Hellcat, LS engines, and drag racers running the venerable TH400 transmission. Read More


SEMA 2015: ARP Fasteners Hold Together The Automotive Aftermarket

Ever find yourself need a custom or one-off stud? How about an entire engine's worth of fasteners? Automotive Racing Products (ARP) manufactures fasteners for virtually every application imaginable. Read More


JEGS Is Full Steam Ahead For Indianapolis

This Labor Day weekend is a big one for the Coughlin's as they move into a weekend-long fight at the Nationals in Indy. See what the father and son team have to say heading in. Read More

Dean Marinis 5

Pappas/Marinis Motorsports Unveils New C7 Corvette Pro Mod

The new Pappas/Marinis Motorsports C7 Corvette Pro Mod is stunning, and with Dean Marinis behind the wheel it will be tough to beat. Check out all the details on this new Pro Mod monster. Read More

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