Painless Performance’s PERFECT LS Gauge Controller for LS Engines

Painless Performance has thrown a new innovation into the mix for LS engine swappers looking to display operational data of their engine. Check this out: the PERFECT LS Gauge Controller, available now. Read More


Dynamometer 101 – Spinning ‘Round the World with Dynojet

The dynamometer is the handiest tool in your toolbox - it can assist you in diagnosing many issues along with providing the real-world horsepower and torque figures your car puts to the ground. Check it out here! Read More


Auto Meter’s GT Series: Ready for Battle

Gauges are really only worth as much as you can see them, and Auto Meter agrees. Combining 56 years of competition experience in a wide range of motorsports, they created the new GT series gauges with white LED lights to make them easy to see in all conditions. Read More


PRI 2012: Dyno Dynamics Shows Off Full Range of Dynomometers

Dyno Dynamics introduces it's most affordable, most portable and most user friendly two-wheel drive dynamometer at this year's PRI show. Produced as an entry-level line, the Dynatech series dynamometers bring 30 years of technology without a huge price tag. Read more here. Read More