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The Pontiac Banshee: Killed By America’s Sports Car

The Corvette is a powerful car- even in image. In fact, its image is so commanding that it killed another car within GM. Check out how Pontiac's first 'Banshee' concept met its end thanks to America's sports car.Read More


Corvette Concepts: The History Of The “Fish” Corvettes, 1959-69

From 1959 to 1969, the Corvette concepts blew people away. We explore the significance of these cars and their contribution to automotive design, starting with the XP-87 Stingray racer and ending with the Manta Ray.Read More


Vararam Industries Adds In-House Rapid Prototype Capabilites

Vararam recently added the ability to produce rapid 3D prototypes, and they can now design, test, and produce some of the most advanced intake systems on the market for late-model GM performance cars all under one roof. Hit the jump to watch the rapid prototype system in action. Read More


Video: Chief GM Designer, Ed Welburn Gives His Views On The C7

In this video from Chevrolet's YouTube Channel, GM's Vice President of Global Design, Ed Welburn, discusses his point of view on the new C7 Stingray. We'll say this much - we're really liking all this talk about less weight and more performance. Step inside to watch...Read More