Cylinder head porting


Dyno Video: Katech Performance Adds 23 Horsepower to LT1 Engine

Katech Performance has the new C7 Corvette LT1 engine on the dyno, testing air-induction options, headers, camshafts and cylinder-head modifications. Read all about it here!Read More


Ferrea Helps Explain Valve-flow Dynamics

While cylinder head porting receives most of the attention, valve design is also important. After all, there's no greater restriction in performance intake systems than the traditional poppet valve. Check it out.Read More


Dart Heads Big Chief, Pro1 LS CNC and Pro1 BBC Offerings

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Living Large: A look at Michigan Powerhouse Livernois Motorsports

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PRI 2011: Patriot’s Killer Predator LS And Ford Mod Stage II Heads

The battle between Ford versus Chevrolet rages on, in fact, with increased fervor thanks to the rekindling of the Camaro/Mustang pony wars. Patriot Performance has done its part in arming both sides of this battle. Read More