Mangled Monday: Acid-Trip On Wheels – The Chick-Magnet C4

Sometimes it takes a little bit of bad to appreciate the good... There's a whole lot of avenues to change the look of your 'Vette, and stuff like this helps you really appreciate the more tasteful ones.Read More


Mangled Monday: Identity Crisis C5 Corvette

We've seen a whole lot of grotesque Corvettes in our day, but this one's in a league of its own. Unlike others before, it's not even that the execution was poor – it was just a bad idea from the start.Read More


Craigslist Find: This Modified ’02 Z06 Is A Cut Above The Rest

Given that they're close to 20 years old now, many C5s have long been modified. However, the owner of this one went a bit farther than most and – believe it or not – it turned out pretty great.Read More


Video: Ever Wonder What A Split-Window Looks Like With 54″ Tires?

We know what you're thinking – what business does a Corvette (let alone a split-window) have on top of 54-inch tires? Well, believe it or not, this one makes pretty good use of its massive shoes. Read More


This 1960 “Revenant” Corvette Is The Perfect Custom C1

While plain-Jane restorations and mild custom work have their merits, well-done, out-of-the-box builds have a special place in our hearts. Check out this stunning C1 and try not to drool all over your keyboard.Read More


Event Alert: Goodguys 16th Annual Del Mar Nationals

Got nothing to do the first weekend of April? If not be sure to go and check out the 16th Meguiar's Del Mar Nationals, which is set to show over 2,500 different cars, trucks, and customs for to soothe your eyes.Read More


Kicking Off 2016 Goodguys 7th Annual Spring Nationals

Looking to start the year off with a bang, Goodguys is gearing up for their 7th Annual Spring Nationals Car Show. Click here to check out what will be taking place and how you can be a part of this all-ages event.Read More

Crowds inside and products on show floor

SEMA Law & Order: February Is the Month of Love and Legislation

Staying informed about the pending and current legislation that could impact you as a rodder is an important aspect of getting the most out of your hobby. Check out this month's updates inside! Read More

BM Vette 03

eBay Find: Bill Mitchell’s Vibrant 1980 Corvette Stingray

Don't let anyone tell you that the paint isn't one of the most important features to a car's look. Even if you're not a fan of this 250-thousand dollar, custom Stingray's styling, you have to love that color.Read More


The Caballista – We Promise There’s A Corvette In There Somewhere

If you've got a soft spot for out-there Corvette modifications, then this one's for you. Arguably one of the most radical redesigns of the Corvette, Les Dunham's Caballista is an interesting spin on the C3.Read More


An Oldie Reimagined With Gary Atkins 1957 Chevy Corvette

Laying our eyes across several customs at the 18th Goodguys Southwest Nationals show in Scottsdale, Arizona we stumbled by one stunning Corvette. Click here to check out this slick custom Corvette from every angle.Read More

Screen Shot 2016-02-05 at 4.47.02 PM

Video: The Karl Kustom Corvettes Of The Lingenfelter Collection

These C6 Z06's received a full engine make over at Lingenfelter's Decatur, Indiana shop, resulting in an impressing natural aspirated 660 hp out of the factory LS7, before heading to Karl Kustom Corvettes.Read More

Corvette Airplane 04

Craigslist Find: Dodge-Powered, Aircraft-Bodied, Franken-‘Vette

Yet again, the diverse local listings of Craigslist have turned up a rather unusual find. This one begs the question - is it creative recycling, or better off in the scrapyard? Check it out and decide for yourself.Read More

Black Manta 01

‘Black Manta’ C6 Wins “Best Extreme Custom” Award At MAS

So far we've seen the first C7 headlight conversion on a C6. Now Car Porn Industries gives us the first C7 front-end conversion on a C6- and we think it turned out pretty good!Read More


SEMA 2015: Be Cool’s Bone Yard Radiators For Budget-Minded LS Swaps

Be Cool's new Bone Yard line of radiators are made specifically for budget-minded LS engine swap applications. Nothing better than having a swapped engine that stays cool for a low price!Read More


Forgeline Hits The Street With One Trick, New Wheel Design

Forgeline has added another gorgeous wheel to an already impressive lineup. Check out the hottest new wheel to come out of the Forgeline forgery!Read More