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Video: The Karl Kustom Corvettes Of The Lingenfelter Collection

These C6 Z06's received a full engine make over at Lingenfelter's Decatur, Indiana shop, resulting in an impressing natural aspirated 660 hp out of the factory LS7, before heading to Karl Kustom Corvettes. Read More

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Craigslist Find: Dodge-Powered, Aircraft-Bodied, Franken-‘Vette

Yet again, the diverse local listings of Craigslist have turned up a rather unusual find. This one begs the question - is it creative recycling, or better off in the scrapyard? Check it out and decide for yourself. Read More

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‘Black Manta’ C6 Wins “Best Extreme Custom” Award At MAS

So far we've seen the first C7 headlight conversion on a C6. Now Car Porn Industries gives us the first C7 front-end conversion on a C6- and we think it turned out pretty good! Read More


SEMA 2015: Be Cool’s Bone Yard Radiators For Budget-Minded LS Swaps

Be Cool's new Bone Yard line of radiators are made specifically for budget-minded LS engine swap applications. Nothing better than having a swapped engine that stays cool for a low price! Read More


Forgeline Hits The Street With One Trick, New Wheel Design

Forgeline has added another gorgeous wheel to an already impressive lineup. Check out the hottest new wheel to come out of the Forgeline forgery! Read More


Video: APR Performance Puts Together One Sweet C7

The Chevrolet Corvette Stingray has proven to be as solid of a base for the aftermarket as any Vette has up to this point. Check out what APR Performance has done with theirs. Read More


Temecula Rod Run – 2015

The 2015 Temecula Rod Run was the hot spot of the weekend, and the rustic setting of Old Town Temecula, California made for one awesome show. Read More


Granatelli Motor Sports Now Offers Kompression Wheels

For distinctive style and attention-grabbing, wheels are a must. Granatelli now offers Kompression wheels under the newly formed KG Wheels brand, which you peruse online to your heart's content. Check 'em out! Read More


Crimson Corvette: A Stingray That’s More Than Meets The Eye

Greg Thurmond's Stingray is a car not to be trifled with. Having seen its fair share of autocross challenges over the past two years, the C2 has made a name for itself–"Scarlett"–and rivals have learned to fear Read More


Corvette Craft: The Story Behind GTS Customs

Greg Thurmond, of GTS Customs in Simi Valley, California, is a strong believer in slow and steady work. His everyday business consists of fixing up old Corvettes, and they come out looking anything but normal. Read More


Craigslist Find: You Won’t Believe The Price On This Franken-Vette

The state of Washington legalized marijuana consumption in 2014, and now the effects are starting to show in such things as this C5 turned C1 turned Nomad. The best part? The asking price is off the charts. Read More


SEMA 2014: TMI Builds Hot Rod Interiors With Class

TMI combines style, comfort, and quality to create some amazing looking interiors that any enthusiast would be proud of. Read More


SEMA 2014: Dynotech Driveshafts Builds Top-Notch Custom Drivelines

Need a custom driveshaft for your off-roader, musclecar, hot rod, or race car? Then you should check out what Dynotech Driveshafts can build for you. Read More

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Callaway Corvette Aerowagon is Every Aficionado’s Dream

The CTS-V pulled off the wagon look pretty dang well, so why not try it with one of the best looking production cars today? Read More


HotWheels Builds Life-sized Vader Car, Guttural Breathing Included!

Check out the life-sized Darth Vader-themed Hot Wheels car that was unveiled at this past weekend's Comicon in San Diego! It makes Vader's gutteral breathing noises and packs an LS3... Read More


Let’s Think of A Name For XL Stainless’ Custom Corvette Creation

Check out this crazy build by Warren Scaife. The car has no name, but maybe we can change that - take a look at the article to get the scoop on the Corvette-based creation! Read More

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