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7th Annual Race & Performance Expo Right Around The Corner

The seventh annual Race & Performance Expo at the Pheasant Run Resort is just around the corner, happening the weekend of February 22nd and 23rd in St. Charles, Illinois.Read More


Amazing Sculptures That Symbolize Crane Cams In Automotive World

The artwork of Australian James Corbett seems to pay homage to Crane Cams. Ironically, we found photos of Corbett's work on Crane Cams' facebook fan page.Read More


Crane Cams’ Muscle Car Camshaft Guide

Crane Cams knows the muscle car industry, in fact, they've been around since the early 50's. If you own an iconic muscle car and are looking for a cam from that era, a Blueprint cam might just be what you want.Read More


LS3 x 3 – Comparing Three Performance Cams on the Engine Dyno

In this tech installment, we take an in-depth look at dyno tests of three of Crane Cam's most popular LS3 grinds. Step inside to get the real-world data on how each different cam affects the LS3's power production.Read More


Crane Cams Provides Leading Service With Cam-Specific Tech Bulletins

Whether you’re a weekend warrior, street-strip or hardcore drag racer, finding the right camshaft for you car’s powerhouse is a critical task. Thankfully, Crane Cams can help you make the right decision for your application the first time around with their tech bulletins, saving you time, money and frustrationRead More


Crane Cams Celebrates Their 60th Anniversary

Crane Cams is celebrating 60 years in business this year, and to help them celebrate we take a look back on their long and storied history as a performance parts leader.Read More