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DEI Oil Cooler Line Heat Shroud

DEI Now Offers Oil Cooler Line Heat Shroud For C7 Corvette

DEI has just released this Oil Cooler Line Heat Shroud designed for the C7 Corvette. It's made from high-temp glass fiber fabric bonded to aluminized material to reflect 90 percent of radiant heat. Check it out! Read More


Video – Schmidt Takes On Pikes Peak in Semi-Automous Corvette

Paralyzed? No problem. Get in a Corvette and go, baby go. Arrow Electronics and Sam Schmidt aren't letting a little disability get in the way of racing. Check out this great come back story. Read More


Wrecked ‘Vette Of The Week : Massachusetts C4 Gets Hung Out To Dry

This Wrecked 'Vette Wednesday has all the drama: totaled C4, attempted-escapee driver, and even debris clear up in the power lines. From the look of the wreck, it's a miracle that the driver survived. Read More


The 427ci Big-Block: Comparing L88, ZL1, ZZ427 Engines

The 427 cubic-inch big-block has been an icon of Chevrolet power since 1967. We take a closer look at its history, and compare the L88, ZL1, and the modern day ZZ427. Check out part one of three right here! Read More

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Video: Proof That You Can Make Your C5 Better With The Help Of A C6

In the world of LS-swaps, sometimes it seems like the more wild and out-of-the-box the transplant, the better a swap it is. However, Travis and his LS3-swapped C5 prove that even LS-cars can benefit from an LS-swap. Read More


Craigslist Find: Is This ’75 for $7,500 The Perfect First-‘Vette?

Your very own classic Corvette might not be as out of reach as you think; the biggest barrier is often simply finding the right ride. Check out this cheap C3 and help us decide if this would be a great first 'Vette. Read More


The Corvette’s Technological Evolution

From the Rochester Ramjet to the sophistication of today's C7, the history and technological evolution of the beloved Corvette runs deeper than its drop-dead gorgeous styling. Read More


Mangled Monday: Acid-Trip On Wheels – The Chick-Magnet C4

Sometimes it takes a little bit of bad to appreciate the good... There's a whole lot of avenues to change the look of your 'Vette, and stuff like this helps you really appreciate the more tasteful ones. Read More


LG Motorsports Pioneers Cooling Solutions For Tracked ‘Vettes

The C7 Z06 suffers from cooling woes on track thanks to a stacked intercooler and radiator arrangement. LG Motorsports has a new package to change all that. Read More

Meguiar's Ultimate Leather Balm

Meguiar’s Releases Ultimate Leather Balm

New from Meguiar's – Ultimate Leather Balm. This balm cleans, conditions, and protects leather surfaces to offer a one-step solution for complete leather care. Check it out! Read More


Out With The Batteries – The Fisker Karma Now Rocks A Corvette Motor

Lately, electric vehicles have taken leaps and bounds in the automotive market – even squirming their way into the performance side of things. The new VLF Destino, however, is putting EVs back in their place. Read More


Mangled Monday: Identity Crisis C5 Corvette

We've seen a whole lot of grotesque Corvettes in our day, but this one's in a league of its own. Unlike others before, it's not even that the execution was poor – it was just a bad idea from the start. Read More


Briggs Cunningham Corvette #1 Found On Craigslist

One of the most sought after "unicorn" Corvettes in history surfaced on Craigslist and has caused quite a stir. After years of legal wrangling, the famed #1 Briggs Cunningham Corvette lives! Read More


Radical In Red: Fran Schatz’s Procharged 2007 Z06 Corvette

Fran Schatz has a passion for horsepower and made it his mission to do what he loves everyday....and that includes putting his blown, 7-second Z06 Corvette into the LSX record books. Read More

Dave Rotator Keeper

Dave Cruikshank Appointed Editor Of Corvette Online

Fascinated by cars from an early age, our new Corvette Online editor Dave Cruikshank has owned more than 30 cars, with three plastic Chevy's in the mix. Read More

VR 2

Vengeance Racing – Taking LS-Performance To The Next Level

From their work in the shop to their support at the strip, Vengeance Racing ensures that their customers get the absolute best out of GM's Gen III and Gen IV platform. Read More

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