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star wars drag race darth vader

Drag Wars Episode VII: Chewie Takes on Darth Vader in Drag Race

"Let the Wookie win"? Not gonna happen... Read More


Wrecked Vette Wednesday: NOLA Police Pull Corvette from Bayou

We may never know why or how this C5 Corvette ended up at the bottom of Bayou St. John, but it's part of a long, proud tradition of sunken Y-bodies... Read More


The $2 Million Laraki Epitome Is Basically A 1,750 Horsepower ‘Vette

The latest entrant into this elite hypercar club is the Laraki Epitome, a $2 million, 1,750 horsepower concept that makes extensive use of carbon fiber and other exotic materials. And it's based on the C6 'Vette. Read More


Video: Sexy Cait’s Hilarious Reaction To 1,000 HP Corvette

The Chazz shows us what happens when a swimsuit model goes for a ride in a Corvette boasting 950 horsepower at the wheels. We’re not sure if it’s her swimsuit or her smile, but we can’t get enough of this video. Read More


Video: C6 Goes Railsliding

A Corvette C6 ends up half-on, half-off a guardrail somewhere overseas. It appears as if the driver was working on his skateboarding skills... Read More