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What Ever Happened To XP-700, The Grand Prix-Inspired Corvette?

The XP-700 Corvette was a true show car. In 1959, with it's bubble-shaped roof, Grand Prix race car styling, and futuristic design, it took the new-car show circuit by storm. But what happened to the car after that?Read More


1954 Corvair Corvette Build Inspired By GM Motorama Prototype

Four years ago, seasoned Corvette owner Michael Terry of Greenwood, Indiana was inspired to build a replica of the 1954 Corvette Corvair Motorama car and fulfill a lifelong dream.Read More


Video: 1961 Vignale-Bodied Kelly Corvette Is A Knockout

The Wisconsin industrial designer crafted a model, brought it to the Italian Carrozzeria Alfredo Vignale, and the result is the stunning 1961 Kelly Corvette.Read More


Throwback Thursday: Project XP-880, The Astro II

The discussion about building a mid-engine Corvette has been going on for years. In the mid-'60s, Chevrolet was toying with the idea, and the Astro II was the result. Unfortunately, the concept was never mass-built.Read More


Video: GM’s Iconic Mako Shark II Corvette

The iconic Corvettes of the world are unquestionably stunning, arguably the most infulentional of them all is the Mako Shark II Corvette.Read More


Meet Me In The Middle: Corvettes And Mid-Engine Drivetrains

The Corvette has always been an FR car, but dalliances with MR drivetrains in the past have always kept fans on the edge of their toes. Take a journey with us as we explore the rich history of these cars.Read More


Corvette Concepts: The History Of The “Fish” Corvettes, 1959-69

From 1959 to 1969, the Corvette concepts blew people away. We explore the significance of these cars and their contribution to automotive design, starting with the XP-87 Stingray racer and ending with the Manta Ray.Read More


The Evolution of a Car: From Sting Ray to Stingray

The new Stingray is one heck of a machine, but it didn't happen overnight. We take a look at how the Stingray got its start and how it has evolved through the years.Read More

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New Toyota Sports Car Reported To Outprice The C7 Corvette

Only time will tell if the partnership between Toyota and BMW will ever result in a sports car. If it does, many are already starting to speculate what it would look like, sound like, and cost.Read More


A Corvette Stingray-Based Batmobile for Ben Affleck?

This rendering combines the look of the Corvette Stingray Concept with some futurist Gotham flavor and flair from the original Batmobile.Read More


One-of-One Steel-Bodied Corvette Rondine Heading to Carlisle

At this year’s Corvettes at Carlisle event, a very special and unique Corvette will be on hand. The steel-bodied Corvette Rondine (pronounced “Ron-di-nay”) will be on display at Carlisle, giving Corvette fans a rare look at a unique concept car.Read More


Video: The Corvette XP-819 Is Getting Restored

If you know anything about concept cars, then you know that auto manufacturers typically crush them shortly after they serve their purpose. Every now and then, however, they slip through the cracks, either being given to an engineer, or sold to a private seller. The influential mid-engined XP-819 is one example...Read More


Video: LS7-Powered Spada Codatronca Monza Caught In Action

Whether or not the Spada Codatronca Monza will remain a concept car or will make it to the market has yet to be determined, but a recent YouTube video caught the prototype in action. Read More