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Street Racing Corvette Crashes in San Diego, California

A Corvette is involved in a fatal street racing accident near a popular California beach. Police investigate as the other driver fled the scene and has not yet been identified. Read More


West Coast Corvettes Launched Ultraguard Plus Car Covers for C7s

Protecting your C7 from the outside elements is a full-time job. Take a load off with West Coast Corvettes' new UltraGuard Plus car cover, which does its duty without ever laying a scratch on the clearcoat. Read More


Sound Proof: Mid America Motorworks’ IAC Exhaust Chart, Explained

Thanks to Mid America Motorworks' IAC chart, you'll be able strike the right chord with your next Corvette exhaust kit purchase. Learn how the chart works from every angle, and make the best purchase you can. Read More


SRT Viper Gets $15k Price Slash to Compete With Z06

With Viper sales numbers continuing to sit flat and the new Z06 just over the horizon, Dodge makes a sizable pricing movement that may be a direct result of GM muscle. Read More


Auction Block Superstar: ’69 L88 Stingray Goes For $680K In Dallas

This killer C3 just fetched a massive pile of cash over at the recent Mecum auction in Dallas, Texas. Read up on its storied past here and learn what made it so valuable. Read More

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Reader Reaction: How Are People Using Their Corvettes?

Our readers responded on FaceBook with how they are using their own Corvettes... daily drivers, race cars, weekend events, and garage queens! Read More


Wrecked Vette Wednesday: This One Looks Like it Came Off the Lot!

This Wednesday's example is sure to get your gears turning as you are plagued by what ifs for the steal you could get if you had the magic fix for this C7. Read More


Corvettes Carve Up Porsche’s Sales Figures, Outselling New 911s

Corvette fans rejoice: the 2014 Stingray has outsold the Porsche 911 by more than triple! What's behind this massive upset? We consider the factors, one and all. Read More

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Video: Regular Car Reviews Drives the C7 2014 Stingray

Take a look at the comical Stingray review by Regular Car Reviews... and for once he gets to drive a Corvette when it wasn't raining! Read More


1965 Corvette Fuelie Narrowly Escapes Old Shed

Take a look at this rare barn find of a 1965 Fuelie convertible... removed from hiding and heading off to get the dream restoration it deserves. Read More


Corvette America Releases New Catalog For C3s

That C3 of yours isn't going to take of itself! It's up to you and a little help from Corvette America. The company's new catalog covers all the bits and pieces of the 1968-82 lineup with over 200 pages of content. Read More


One Great Deal On a 2014 Chevrolet Corvette

Come check out one heck of a HOT deal on a 2014 Stingray. This beauty is sure to burn a hole in your pocket! Read More


New Stingray Prices in China are Just Astronomical !!

Think that a new Corvette is a bit pricey at your local Chevy dealer? Guess again... come check out what a new Stingray will cost you in China!! Read More


Ron Fellows Named “Official Performance Driving School of The NCM”

Ron Fellows Performance Driving school teams up with the National Corvette Museum to bring you one spectacular motorsports park! Read More


Fantastic Plastic: LEGO Fan Creates The Perfect C3

The allure of LEGO has now been met with the passion for Corvettes. Check out how this miniature brick-made C3 is doing on the LEGO ideas page, and what you can do to get it on the shelves. Read More

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Forgiato’s Newest Wild Wide-Body Stingray

Check out Forgiato's newest wide-body convertible Stingray that is sure to turn heads! Read More

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