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Video: Ever Wonder What A Split-Window Looks Like With 54″ Tires?

We know what you're thinking – what business does a Corvette (let alone a split-window) have on top of 54-inch tires? Well, believe it or not, this one makes pretty good use of its massive shoes. Read More


Michelin/National Corvette Museum Bash This Weekend

If a Corvette Museum, racetrack and factory aren't enough to lure you to Bowling Green, Kentucky, how about a big bash with a 2017 model intro and Corvette Engineers on hand to answer questions? Read More


Corvette Fiberglass Pioneer Ralph Eckler Dies

The guru of Corvette customs has passed. Ralph Eckler was a trailblazer in custom Corvette parts and fiberglass. He may be gone, but but his cool 'Vettes will live on forever. RIP Mr. Eckler. Read More


This Corvette Wants You To Feel The Bern

Bernie Sanders says he wants to fight wealth inequality, and what better way to show solidarity than by covering a $100K Corvette Z06 in Bernie stickers. Welcome to the brave new world of politics, 2016. Read More

FRC rear

Big Blue – Jason Milligan’s 2001 Corvette Z06 FRC

Check out the 2001 Corvette FRC that was pieced together from two C5's. Its been heavily breathed on with all sorts of goodies and a supercharger too. The charcoal C6 GS wheels are icing on the cake. Read More


Video: World’s Fastest Fire Engine Is A Corvette C7

This American supercar doesn't just fight fire with speed, it employs the use of a state-of-the-art 21 gallon fire suppression system found in its trunk. Why do these folks need to do this to expensive sports cars? Read More

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Funky Wrapped Up 1959 Corvette in Finland

Scandinavians love 'Murican Muscle. At a recent hot rod night in Helsinki, Finland, a '59 Corvette showed up with a funky, yellow and green wrap. Pick or kick? Read More


Corvette Racing Robbed Of 100th Win At Long Beach IMSA Race

The Porsche-Corvette rivalry is alive and well in this year's WeatherTech Championship. For the second race in a row, the 911 RSR and the C7.R have butted heads on the track – this time costing the Corvette a win. Read More

Lingenfelter 2016 Z06 hi-res

Video – Lingenfelter/Corvette Dream Giveaway Raffle

Now this is our kind of raffle! Two killer Corvettes! A big-block, NCRS winning '65 and a 800hp, Lingenfelter Z06 and $50K to pay those pesky prize taxes. Get your tickets today. It also helps folks in need! Read More

68 Rear quarter view sized

Is This The Perfect Resto-Mod C3 Corvette?

Seems like C3s gets the brunt of bad customizations. Not to worry, we have a breath of fresh air for you! Here's a crisp, clean take on a resto-mod 1968 Corvette that's darn near perfect. Read More

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Video – “Black Booty Monster” Corvette With A Serving Of Sauerkraut?

"Black Booty Monster" Corvette? Huh? Maybe something got lost in translation here, but once thing's crystal clear; American performance is in a golden period and even the Germans are taking notice. Read More

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Time Warp Video – 1984 Corvette Promo Film

Here's a look back with a promo film about the 1984 intro of the C4 Corvette. Brylcreem, B/W DOS based computers and old school animations co-mingle in a fun glimpse of a long gone era of the auto industry. Read More


That Left A Scratch : Backwoods Busted C3

Believe it or not, the driver managed to survive this whole ordeal. The C3 Corvette obviously didn't. Trees can be VERY unforgiving. Read More


1954 Corvair Corvette Build Inspired By GM Motorama Prototype

Four years ago, seasoned Corvette owner Michael Terry of Greenwood, Indiana was inspired to build a replica of the 1954 Corvette Corvair Motorama car and fulfill a lifelong dream. Read More

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GM Styling Guru Ed Welburn Retires

The man who created the C7's styling is retiring. After 44 years at GM Design, Ed Wilburn will pass the torch to Michael Simcoe and a new era of GM design will commence. Thanks for the C7 'Vette Ed Welburn! Read More


Zip Corvette Introduces More Speed Lingerie For Your C7 Z06

Chips, scratches and dents all come with the territory of owning any car. But just because they're unforeseeable doesn't mean they're unavoidable. Zip Corvette's new C7 Z06 face masks help fight the abuse. Read More

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