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RMR: Corvette Pick of the Week Dynos at 843 HP

Check out this gnarly Vette for RMR Friday, and see what this man's vision of a perfect C6 looks like. Contribute your own car and you will earn the chance to appear too! Read More


SEMA 2014: GM Says Corvette Engine Build Experience Will Return

GM will revive the popular customer engine build experience where Corvette Z06 customers can help hand assemble their LT4 engines. Details are skimpy but we did watch an LT4 get assembled at SEMA. Check it out! Read More

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Video: A 1,300+ hp ZR1 Takes Us For a Run at the Texas Invitational

Straight from the Texas Invitational, this ZR1 runs the strip with over 1,300 hp. Turn your volume up and listen to this machine run, and hear the driver explain how he gets makes all this horsepower! Read More


High-revving Supercharger Key to LT4’s Impressive Power Curve

Sporting 650 horsepower, the new LT4 engine for the 2015 Corvette Z06 boasts a compact, high-revving supercharger that maintains an unbelievable torque curve. EngineLabs has all the details inside. Read More


This 1000HP ZR1 Dominates Vipers and Supras in The Lone Star State

The "Wicked" ZR1 was dominating a field of high performance exotics at the 2014 Runway Rivalry in Dallas, Texas. Watch this white devil destroy Vipers and Supras in high octane roll racing. Read More


2016 Z07 Spy Photos

Recent photos emerge of what appears to be the 2016 Z07 Corvette. Will the Z07 be the pinnacle of the seventh-generation Corvette or is there even more in development? Read More


2015 Corvette Z06 Details Released

With the release of the 2015 Z06 right around the corner, information regarding equipment options are beginning to be confirmed. Read More


Video: 1993 ZR-1 Spyder Recovered from Sinkhole – Hard to Watch

Some of the cars swallowed up in the NCM disaster fared pretty well. Others, like this roofless ZR-1, not so much... If you have a sensitive spot for hurt cars, this video may be Not Safe For Lunch. Read More


The Blue Devil Lives! First Corvette Extracted from NCM Sinkhole

Two and a half weeks after a sinkhole consumed eight irreplaceable cars in the Skydome section of the National Corvette Museum, the first victim has been removed from the chasm. And it runs! Read More


LT4 Engine’s Chief Engineer Hints More Power Is Coming

Jordan Lee, chief engineer on the new 6.2-liter LT4 engine that will power the upcoming Z06 Corvette, offers details on the new Gen V V8 and says there more power coming than the early 625-horsepower estimate. Read More


Video: Quickest Stock Bottom End ZR1 Uses Mahle Motorsport Pistons

Eric Lancaster busted into the eight-second zone with his stock bottom end ZR1 this past weekend, using the Mahle Motorsports OEM-supplied pistons and a number of other go-fast parts. Check out the video! Read More


Video: New World’s Quickest ZR1 Corvette Dragstrip Pass

The quarter mile: it's the ultimate test of just what can happen when you come up with the right combination of driver and modifications. Today we check out the current record holder for quickest ZR1. Read More


GM’s Build-Your-Own-Engine Program Relocates to Bowling Green

GM's build-your-own-engine program will be moved to where it should have been in the first place; the Corvette’s hometown of Bowling Green, Kentucky. Read More


Check Out This Awesome 1972 Convertible ‘Vette – Project Menace!

Look at this awesome build under way at Heartland Customs in Oklahoma for owner Dennis The Menace from Holland. His '72 convertible Corvette will feature the latest in technology and performance underpinnings. Read More

Wrecked ZR1-2

Craigslist Find: Crashed 2009 ZR1 with “Clean Title”

We all would love to own a C6 ZR1. With 638 horsepower on tap, ranking among the highly coveted supercars in the world, it's safe to say it should be on anybody's short list of dream cars. Having said that, it would be hard for us not to drive it like we stole it... Read More


Video: The Sound of a Corvette ZR1 from the Back

This next video was taken with a GoPro camera attached to the booty of a Corvette ZR1, and it’s basically just a minute or so of that sweet, sweet exhaust pipe song. Somebody make this a ringtone! Read More

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