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PRI 2014: Next Generation WinDyn Software Coming From SuperFlow

The next version of SuperFlow's popular WinDyn data acquisition software is scheduled to be released next year. Check out the video to learn more and take a peek at more SuperFlow products. Read More


Video: The Tuning School Dynos a C7 Corvette… Chassis

How The Tuning School came to be in possession of a functional Corvette C7 rolling chassis, complete with suspension and drivetrain, is beyond us. We guess someone knows somebody important at GM. Read More


PRI 2013: Dynocom 15,000 Series And The Importance Of Repeatability

From shops doing drivability and diagnostics, to those looking to tune cars or trucks making over 2,000 hp, Dynocom offers an array of products to fit any shop's needs. They show us some new innovations as well. Read More


SEMA 2013: Dynocom Offers High Quality Affordable Dynamometers

Dynocom is celebrating their tenth anniversary with a deal on their DynoX chassis dynamometer, and showing off many of the other things that make their dyno systems stand out. Read More


Crazy Video: 30 Dyno Fails in Six Minutes!

Someone has taken the time to compile 30 videos of dyno fails. They're funny, tragic and enjoyable -- all the elements of entertainment. Take a look, and maybe the experience will help prevent you from becoming a YouTube hit! Read More


SEMA 2012: Dynocom Announces Upgrades to 5000 Series Chassis Dyno

Redesigned roller shafts, a high-flow fan for the eddy brake and an undercarriage convenience LED light are the latest upgrades to the Dynocom 5000 Series chassis dyno. The Texas-based company also announced at SEMA the introduction an entry-level Dyno X model with a starting price of $10,995. Read More


SEMA 2011: Dynocom’s New AWD 5000 Series Portable Dyno

Dynocom has steadily expanded into the fastest growing chassis dyno company in the world today. Recently, Dynocom rolled out (no pun intended) their All-Wheel-Drive 5000 Series dynos, which they bill as the world’s most affordable and advanced mechanically linked AWD dyno, and it can be set up almost anywhere... Read More