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Automedia Shares Ten Tips To Increase Engine Performance

Automedia offers up ten fast or quick tips for increasing engine performance, but warn you that there’s no such thing as free horsepower. Which of these have you done to increase power with your engine?

Injected Dose Of Performance–Edelbrock Announces E-Street EFI Deals

Are you ready for the right upgrade to your favorite vehicle? You’ve waited and waited, and now Edelbrock is here to deliver with its latest promotion. It’s the Ultimate E-Street Deal, going on now until 4/30/14.

Hot Promo: Edelbrock’s Big Carb Deal Is Back!

Edelbrock has brought back the famous BIG Carb Deal! With the purchase of a qualifying carburetor or carb/intake kit between March 1 – April 30, 2014, receive a free Air cleaner and fender cover.

PRI 2013: Street Demon 625 and 750 CFM Carbs

Looking for a no-hassle street carb for your classic muscle car or hot rod? The new Street Demon carburetors are just what you’re looking for!

TECH: Installing FAST EZ-EFI 2.0

There’s no denying the benefits of self-tuning EFI on a street car, but what about a drag racer? Follow this installation of a FAST EZ-EFI 2.0 system on a hot little Nova and check out the dyno numbers.

Video: Installing Edelbrock’s E-Street EFI On A Classic Corvette

Edelbrock’s new E-Street EFI is a self-learning fuel injection system that can take away all of your carburetor woes and replace them with reliability, drivability, and better fuel economy – even on this ’67 ‘Vette.

Tech: Carbureted LS Engines – Ignition and Induction

Converting an LS engine to a carb might seem like taking a step backwards in technology, but there’s something to be said for “tuning with a screwdriver” simplicity. Read along as we show you how a standalone ignition system and aftermarket intakes can help all you carb junkies take full advantage of LS power…

Holley Street Avenger & Ultra Double Pumpers Now In Hard Core Grey

Building the ultimate performance engine institutes many contributing factors, but you’ll need to top it off with a great carburetor. Holley has a great looking option in the form of their Street Avenger and Double Pumper carburetors.

Dyno Tested: Big-Inch 454ci. LSx With GZ Motorsports Vacuum Pump

Curious to know whether or not your current LS-based engine needs a vacuum pump? We put one to the test; installing a GZ Motorsports Sportsman vacuum pump on a big-inch 454ci. LSx. What did the dyno numbers reveal? Read on to find out, right here!

PRI 2012: Fragola Gets Specific With Fittings And Adapters

Fragola Performance Systems highlighted their line of special application fittings at this year’s PRI tradeshow.

PRI 2012: Jet Performance’s Custom Carb Shop

Many people don’t realize that Jet Performance is also a one-stop carb shop. Like any custom built fuel system component, prospective customers will have to fill out a spec sheet so Jet can dial the settings in for the application.

SEMA 2012: FAST EZ-EFI 2.0 Doubles Up On Injectors And Versatility

FAST pioneered the DIY carb-to-EFI conversion with the original EZ-EFI system. Now, the second-generation model is out with twice as many injectors and a host of features that add performance without complicating the installation. And it even has racing stripes!

SEMA 2012: Edelbrock Celebrates 75 Years With New Products

Edelbrock celebrates their 75th anniversary with special limited edition parts and a one-of-a-kind Ford Mustang give-away to one lucky fan at next year’s SEMA show. More on Edelbrock’s diamond jubilee anniversary here:

SEMA 2012: Edelbrock Hits Easy Street With E-Street EFI Fuel Systems

Edelbrock’s E-Street EFI offers all the benefits of fuel injection without the complications of installing numerous wiring harness or knowing how to set complicated fuel mapping in a computer. With three different fuel system choices, installing an EFI is even more simplified than before.

Go FAST: The Basics To Fuel Injection 101

The carburetor is a way of life for some people. Could it be easier or cheaper? Maybe it’s all they know as far as getting fuel into their engine. Have they considered fuel injection and all the benefits that come from it? We decided to share with you the basics of fuel injection and just how easy it can be!

From Junk To Champ: Rebuilding A Swap Meet Holley 850 For Cheap

There’s nothing like the look and feel from a Holley double-pumper carburetor. However, just like other mechanical parts, a carb needs periodic rebuilding to keep it metering efficiently. We show you some tips and give the step by step details on how to rebuild one for your mill.