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Adams Polishes Spray Bottle

Adam’s Polishes Introduces New Pressurized Spray Bottle

Adam's Polishes just released its new Pressurized 33oz Spray Bottle that is perfect for any of your favorite Adam's products. This bottle is super strong and will withstand being accidentally dropped. Check it out! Read More


Eagle One Introduces Surface Prep Mitt

Ditch that old clay bar and pick up the Eagle One Surface Prep Mitt instead to enhance that perfect wax job. Don't spend all day using a clay bar when you can spend about ten minutes. Read More


PRI 2014: Manley Offers Ready To Run LS Kits, EcoBoost Pistons

Manley Performance opens up to LS and EcoBoost enthusiasts with two great new products: the "Ready To Run" LS rotating assembly kits, as well as replacement pistons for EcoBoost users. Read More

IMG_0016 - Copy

Doors Stay Shut When You Use SLAMSTOP, Now Universally Available

Doors that get left ajar or come open on the freeway are a serious concern. SLAMSTOP takes care of the issue with high-end technology that ensures the door shuts completely every time. Best of all, it's universal! Read More


Reader Reaction: Annoying Passengers

We asked our readers to let us know the most annoying things that passengers do while sitting shotgun. This is their story. Read More


Lend Energy Suspension A Helping Hand And Get A Sweet Upgrade

Energy Suspension's specialty in polyurethane components has been pleasing a varied base of customers for over 25 years. And right now, the company is looking for your help as part of its latest R&D Vehicle Program. Read More


PRI 2013: Davies Craig Electric Water Pumps For Any Application

We took some time to check out the electric water pump's over at the Davies Craig booth. Available in aluminum or plastic housings, these pumps are ideal for everything from daily drivers to racing applications. Read More

790-760 series batteries

EnerSys Expands ODYSSEY Performance Series Battery Product Line

EnerSys is looking to expand their lineup of awesome ODYSSEY Performance Series batteries for automotive enthusiasts with three new offerings, set to release this fall. Read More


1-of-50 Corvette Caballista Sells For $13,750

In the five years Les Dunham of Dunham Coachworks offered the Cabalista package, just 50 examples were ordered, making it quite a rare find. Would you pay $13,750 for a one-of-50 Corvette in need of TLC? Read More


Flaming River’s Billet HD Amp High Output Alternators

Flaming River unleashes its latest HD Amp alternators. These trump OEM ones by way of twin rectifier plates with, resulting in 300% more surface area to give off heat. Read More


Video: Driver Fatally Crashes His C3 in Nebraska Mall Parking Lot

Last Tuesday was a somber day in Beatrice, Nebraska, when a C3 went careening into the parking lot of Indian Creek Mall and got destroyed, killing its driver. Fortunately, he managed to avoid hitting any bystanders. Read More


Meguiar’s Bug Splatter Sponge Removes Bugs Not Paint

Bugs have always been an issue when it comes to cleaning cars. Luckily, Meguiar's has a solution: the Bug Splatter Sponge. These compact, single-use sponges contain special formulas for dealing these little pests. Read More


Video: Texan Batcar – Not the Car You Need, But the Car You Deserve

Does this C5-based Batmobile, err... "Batcar" have you saying "Holy labor of love, Batman!"? Or does it need to head to the Bat-scrapyard without a moment to lose? Read More


Black Sally: Jason Tasker’s ’79 Corvette from Down Under

Here at Street Legal TV, we love sharing stories of cool rides that we find on the internet, or see at car shows. Sometimes those cars are local, other times they might be on the other side of the country, continent, or globe. In the case of this '79 'Vette, we delved down under to see what it was all about. Read More


Lingenfelter to Showcase Corvettes at National Corvette Museum

From now until the end of the year, you can visit the National Corvette Museum in Bowling Green, Kentucky, and view a rare sight in the Skydome: it's Lingenfelter Performance Engineering new exhibit, showcasing five of the company's best-ever Vettes. Read More


Video: Power Wheels C7 Corvette Sports Chrome and Spinning Wheels

You're aching to get your hands on a 2014 Corvette; but unless you've got your C7 on pre-order, Junior might have you beat when he gets his own car by September 10, thanks to Fisher Price's upcoming Power Wheels model. Read More

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