Tech: LS3 Versus Coyote Budget Engine Shootout — Building the LS3

Our head to head budget build-off between Chevy's 6.2-liter LS3 and Ford's Coyote 5.0 is underway! Today we take a closer look at what components we're using to put together the LS engine. Read More

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PRI 2015: Isky Goes Needle-free With New EZ-Roll Lifters

Isky's new EZ-Roll lifters are needle free, which means in case of a failure there won't be needle-bearing shrapnel tearing up the rest of the engine. Check out the details on this unique product.Read More


SEMA 2015: Howards Cams’ Rattler Street Performance Camshafts

Howards Cams' new Rattler camshaft lineup comes in three grades -- the Rattler, the Big Mama Rattler, and the Big Daddy Rattler. Each has specific performance characteristics.Read More


Edelbrock Releases Performer-Plus Camshaft For EFI Systems

Edelbrock's new Performer-Plus camshaft for Small Block Chevy engines with EFI provides a major improvement in throttle response and torque while maintaining a smooth idle. Check it out here! Read More


Video: Engine Break-in Tips From Real Street’s Jay Meagher

Real Street Performance's Jay Meagher shares some of his thoughts on engine break-in processes in this short video. His answers might surprise you. Check it out!Read More

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Vengeance Racing’s C7 Z06 Makes Big Power With Heads And Cam

Vengeance Racing is at it again with their C7 Z06, but this time they installed a heads and cam package to extract some more power from the already-powerful supercharged LT4. Take a look.Read More

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Lingenfelter Debuts Precision Camshafts For 2014-15 C7s

Lingenfelter has four new precision-made camshafts for the C7 Stingray. All use heat-treated EN40b steel, and can give you just the right engine sound you've been seeking for your supercar. Check 'em out!Read More


PRI 2014: Lunati Cams Talks Bootlegger Camshafts

Lunati Power was all about its Bootlegger camshafts here at PRI 2014. When it comes to improving midrange power and torque, the Bootleggers get the job done time and again. Find out more inside.Read More


SEMA 2014: Scoggin-Dickey Parts Center To Offer CNC-ported LT1 Heads

Scoggin-Dickey Parts Center will soon offer CNC-ported LT1 cylinder heads. The company is finalizing port designs and also showing off a new 598ci BBC sportsman engine that makes nearly 1,200 horsepower.Read More


Video: Lunati Bootlegger Camshafts Trilogy – Teaser For Part Three

When you hear bootlegger, if you're a gearhead you might think about a musclecar - a fast one that can outrun anything. Lunati's new Bootlegger Camshafts are designed for power where you need it the most.Read More


Lingenfelter Launches GT9 HYD Roller Camshaft for LS Series Motors

The new GT9 HYD roller camshaft from Lingenfelter works on popular LS series engines to deliver powerful performance with a smooth idle. Read up on its stats here.Read More


Lunati’s New Bootlegger Camshaft Series Has Strong Race Influences

Drawing heavily from race designs, the new Bootlegger camshaft series from Lunati takes the street cam debate to a different level with a strong torque curve and meaty exhaust note. Check out the details.Read More


Swap Cams With Ease on Your Gen IV LS Motor

Finally, changing camshafts on a Gen IV LS engine has become a process that doesn't require the removal of a kidney and a few toes. Check out this sweet two-piece billet timing cover from Hamburger's Performance!Read More


LS Rocker Arm Tech with COMP Cams

COMP offers a range of solutions for upgrading your LS valvetrain with better rocker arm performance and reliability, from bearing kits to full-blown shaft mount rockers.Read More


Automedia Shares Ten Tips To Increase Engine Performance

Automedia offers up ten fast or quick tips for increasing engine performance, but warn you that there's no such thing as free horsepower. Which of these have you done to increase power with your engine?Read More


Amazing Sculptures That Symbolize Crane Cams In Automotive World

The artwork of Australian James Corbett seems to pay homage to Crane Cams. Ironically, we found photos of Corbett's work on Crane Cams' facebook fan page.Read More