Project C700: Keepin’ It Cool With C&R Racing and Chevy Performance

With the last few mods, we've extracted a substantial amount of power from our C7 project car. So, in the interest of balance and keeping our machine reliable, we introduced some greater cooling capabilities.Read More


Video: Behind The Scenes At Moroso

We take a look inside Moroso and discuss some of their innovations past and future. From tanks to electrical Moroso adds new technology to their line-up. Read More


Polyurethane: How And Why It Provides Better Handling

Why is polyurethane "the" choice when it comes to replacing bushings, mounts, and an entire assortment of rubber parts on your vehicle? We talked to one of the leaders in the industry to find out why.Read More


LME Introduces Large-plenum, Short-runner LS7 Billet Intake

Composite intake manifolds can be fragile under high boost levels. This new billet intake from Late Model Engines is designed to give LS7 engines plenty of air through a big plenum and short runners. Read More

C3 BBlue panel hands copyGR

Corvette America: Supporting America’s Sports Car Since 1977

Take a look inside one of the world's leading manufacturers of Corvette restoration products.Read More


Vararam Industries Adds In-House Rapid Prototype Capabilites

Vararam recently added the ability to produce rapid 3D prototypes, and they can now design, test, and produce some of the most advanced intake systems on the market for late-model GM performance cars all under one roof. Hit the jump to watch the rapid prototype system in action. Read More


SEMA 2012: Ferrea Has Titanium/SS Valves for High-flow LSX-DR Heads

The LSX-DR is the highest-flowing cylinder head available for the LS engine, and Ferrea Racing Components helps drag racers take advantage of that airflow with a titanium/stainless-steel valve package. Ferrea is touting its line of tool-steel retainers that are almost as light as titanium but cost less.Read More


Is This The Back End Of The C7 Corvette?

Is this latest leaked picture really the back end of the upcoming C7 Corvette? Or is this just an elaborate play to fool us fanboys into salivating over something that isn't real?Read More

Street Shop 2

Video: Street Shop Uses CAD To Make ’53-82 Vette Chassis

With their cutting-edge combination of CAD design and in-house fabrication, Street Shop Inc of Athens, Alabama has managed to build old Vettes that drive like new, perhaps even much better. This is because their advanced chassis design allows for the use of C4 and C6 suspension on all '53-82 models.Read More


Video: How to Order a Custom Grind Cam from COMP Cams

We walk you through the entire process of ordering a custom-grind camshaft from COMP Cams. Just like painting a car, ordering a custom grind cam is all about the prep work!Read More


Comp Cams Shows How a Camshaft is Made

COMP Cams, one of the leading camshaft manufacturers in the automotive aftermarket, recently took us for a tour of their production facility. There, we were given an in-depth look at every step of the process that goes into the finished product that resides in your high performance engine.Read More