Nirvana: 1K Corvette’s Cruise For A Cure At 2016 Woodward Gathering

An annual pilgrimage and nirvana for Corvette aficionados, the 2016 Woodward event in Pontiac, Michigan opened August 17-20. More than 1,000 ‘Vettes were expected to to participate in the four-day meet. Read More


Video: Battery-Powered C6 Breaks 200 MPH And Second Record

Genovation Cars has again broken the standing mile speed record for a street legal EV using their all-electric C6 Z06. Is this an ill-boding omen for our beloved V8s, or a glimpse at a bright future?Read More


Video – Mid America Motorworks Corvette Seat Covers

Bam. Your Corvette can be a whole lot better with recovered seats. Mid America Motorworks can help you out. It's probably the best bang for the buck to take your 'Vette from sad to superstar.Read More


Diablosport Launches Tuning Support For The C6 ZR1

New from Diablosport – tuning support for the 2009-13 Corvette ZR1. Tuning can now be done on the company's platforms including inTune i2 and Trinity, and will unleash another 23 horsepower and 29 lb-ft of torque.Read More


Hooker Releases BlackHeart Exhaust Products For C6s And C7s

New from Hooker – BlackHeart exhaust products for C6s and C7s. These products are made from 18-gauge 304 stainless steel, and all are hand-welded by the BlackHeart team over there in Bowling Green, Kentucky.Read More


RepliCan’t: A C6 Based Stingray Concept Replica That Shouldn’t Be

Would you believe us if we told you there was a C6 in here somewhere? We promise – it's there. Buried under all of the fiberglass and failure.Read More

VR 2

Vengeance Racing – Taking LS-Performance To The Next Level

From their work in the shop to their support at the strip, Vengeance Racing ensures that their customers get the absolute best out of GM's Gen III and Gen IV platform.Read More


Craigslist Find: This Modified ’02 Z06 Is A Cut Above The Rest

Given that they're close to 20 years old now, many C5s have long been modified. However, the owner of this one went a bit farther than most and – believe it or not – it turned out pretty great.Read More

Russian Drift 2

Video: Watch A Supra And A C6 Do A Little Misbehavin’ In The Snow

As gearheads, sometimes we just get in the mood for something short, sweet and badass. Whilst searching to satisfy this craving, we came across this video and we think it scratches that itch pretty well.Read More


LG Motorsports Debuts ZR7 Wheels For C6s and C7s

New from LG Motorsports – GR7 wheels for the C6 and C7 Corvettes. These wheels fit the Grand Sport and Z06 models of both generations, as well as ZR1 from the sixth generation. Check 'em out!Read More


Corvette Online’s C6 Buyer’s Guide

You've been thinking about buying a late model 'Vette. You like the C6 for its looks, power and the value. With our C6 Buyers Guide, we'll get you across the finish line in the right car.Read More

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Video: Battery-Powered C6 Z06 Breaks Electric Vehicle Speed Record

Check out this video of a C6 Corvette hitting 187 miles an hour - without a V8. Genovation Cars has turned this 'Vette into the fastest EV in the world, but can an electric motor ever replace the tried-and-true V8?Read More


Video: Remote Control C6 Corvette Gets More Media Attention

Bjorn Harms has been getting more and more attention for his remote control Corvette, and most recently was featured in a video for Bright TV shown here.Read More

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Video: ZR1 Rendering That Breaks The Corvette Mold

This Czech Republic native shows us, with the help from Photoshop and an outrages skill set, what it takes to transform a standard photo of a vehicle into a awesome ZR1 rendering.Read More


Interview: Meet Bjorn Harms, The Mad Genius Behind The RC C6

After marveling at his videos showing the Vette doing remote controlled burnouts and donuts and seeing how cleanly integrated the system was into the car's interior, we had to find Bjorn and ask him a few questions.Read More


Video: Spend Valentine’s Day with Your True Love

Have you ever lost a relationship because you had to choose between it and your car? Do you regret that, or did you dodge a bullet?Read More