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Reader Reaction: The One That Got Away

In this weeks Reader Reaction, we asked our readers to share what kind of car from their past they regret selling and why. See what they regret selling and let us know what you regret selling! Read More


Video: Internet Sensation Uses Plasti Dip on Day Old C7

This YouTube gaming sensation decided to Plasti Dip her one-day-old C7 Stingray. Was this a good decision or a bad one? Read More


Reader Reaction: Annoying Passengers

We asked our readers to let us know the most annoying things that passengers do while sitting shotgun. This is their story. Read More


Yvette the Corvette: A 2007 Z06 Silver Bullet

We take a look at a 2007 Z06 that was purchased to remain stock but quickly became the center of attention as the owners project vehicle. Read More


Reader Reaction: To Honor Thy Warranty?

We asked our readers to give their opinions on whether or not the factory warranty should be considered when modifying their vehicles. Read More


Barrett Jackson Preview: Corvettes Galore at Hot August Nights!

Coming to the Reno-Sparks Convention Center on July 31st, we take a look at the lineup of Corvettes that are soon to roll across the Barrett-Jackson block. Read More


Video: Stingray Compared to BMW M4?

Find out what it is about the C7 Corvette that has these drivers comparing it to a BMW M4 "with a straight face." Read More


Corvette: The History and Legacy

We take a deep look at the history of the Corvette, some of the challenges it has faced, and why it has built a legacy that stands alone. Read More


Reader Reaction: Dumbest Corvette Questions

We asked our readers to post the dumbest Corvette questions they have been asked– and the results may surprise you. Read More


Corvette Museum to Keep Part of the Sinkhole?

The National Corvette Museum's board has decided to look into the long term effects of keeping the sinkhole open due to the rise in museum popularity. Read More


German Competition Alert: Geiger C7 Corvette Stingray

Coming out of Germany, this Geiger designed C7 Stingray has everything it needs to turn some heads on both sides of the pond. Read More


Video: An Easy Way to Decrease the Value of Your Vette

What may have started as a short drive in their convertible C5 ended up as a trip to the repair shop. Probably not the best for resale value... Read More


Swap Insanity: First Gen Corvette Receives C6 Treatment

LS power in a classic Corvette is just the beginning for this resto-mod project... Read More


GM Recalling 2014 Stingrays Equipped With Competition Sport Seats

GM has issued a recall for their Competition Sport seats installed in 2014 C7 Stingrays. This recall is in regards to the passenger-seat airbag's ability to deploy and there are no known injuries. Read More


The Many Options of Forgeline Wheels

If you are in the market for wheels and don't want to see the same wheels on every other car at the car show, checkout Forgeline and all of their options. Read More


Zip Corvette is Having a Father’s Day Sale!

Zip Corvette is having a limited time Father's Day sale that is sure to have something you need! Hurry on over because the sale ends June 15th at midnight! Read More

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