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Choosing The Right Battery For Your Vehicle With Optima Batteries

Choosing the right battery for your application isn't as simple as you might think. Today's vehicle technology puts specific demands on your car's charging system. We get in deep with Optima Batteries to learn more.Read More


Save Money On Optima Batteries Throughout The Month Of April

For the entire month of April, Optima Batteries is offering an instant $20 discount on their batteries. No forms to fill out, no receipts to send in, just visit an authorized dealer or retailer, and when you go to pay, $20 stays with you. You can even get the discount when you order online.Read More


SEMA 2012: Lithium Pros Next Generation of Race Battery

Can switching to lithium ion batteries make a difference in your racing program? Lithium Pros knows that it can and presents a great case on making the switch. Read more about it here.Read More