SEMA 2012: Dynocom Announces Upgrades to 5000 Series Chassis Dyno

Redesigned roller shafts, a high-flow fan for the eddy brake and an undercarriage convenience LED light are the latest upgrades to the Dynocom 5000 Series chassis dyno. The Texas-based company also announced at SEMA the introduction an entry-level Dyno X model with a starting price of $10,995.Read More


SEMA 2011: Dynocom’s New AWD 5000 Series Portable Dyno

Dynocom has steadily expanded into the fastest growing chassis dyno company in the world today. Recently, Dynocom rolled out (no pun intended) their All-Wheel-Drive 5000 Series dynos, which they bill as the world’s most affordable and advanced mechanically linked AWD dyno, and it can be set up almost anywhere...Read More