ame chassis

AME Introduces New GT Sport Chassis For C1 Corvettes

Art Morrison Enterprises has unveiled its new GT Sport Chassis designed For C1 Corvettes. The chassis supports virtually any automatic or standard shift transmission, as well as small block Chevy or LS powerplant.Read More

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Stock + Drag Radial 8-Speed Auto C7 Z06 Goes 10.38 in the Quarter

The 8-speed automatic Z06s are starting to make their way into customers' hands, as well as into the hands of shops, and damn, they're quick! The new 8L90 transmission is by no means a "slushbox."Read More


There is More to This C7 Than What Meets the Eye

This C7 looks great – like it just left the detailer. Unfortunately, this Vette is clean because it was submerged and sits at the auction yard because of the flooding. Read More


eBay Find: Brand New Widebody C7 Stingray For Sale – Any Takers?

Check out this mean widebody C7 Stingray for sale! Definitely out of the ordinary to see a wide C7 on the road, so why not be that person?Read More


The Stingray Diaries: One Week with a Loaner C7

We spent a week behind the wheel of a new 2014 Corvette - here's what we thought...Read More

2015 Chevrolet Corvette Z06

Eight-speed Auto Rumored for 2015 Stingray Likely Delayed

Corvette Chief Engineer Tadge Juechter explained that there are a number of items that have to be recalibrated before GM can make the Z06's 8-speed auto available to all Corvette buyers.Read More


2014 Corvette with Automatic Transmission Rated at 28 MPG Highway

It is now being reported that Stingrays equipped with the six-speed automatic can expect up to 28 MPG on the highway, combinging hands-free shifting with great fuel economy.Read More


Video: MotorTrend Tries Out the 2014 Corvette

Recently, MotorTrend's Carlos Lago got his hands on the 2014 Corvette, the lucky dog. And, for a short while, it seems he was in Corvette heaven. Find out what he liked and disliked as he dissects what could be the greatest American sports car of modern times.Read More


TCI’s Bolt-Together 6L80E Torque Converter

TCI brings you their latest torque converter for your automatic LSX. This item really suits the driver who wants his transmission performing at peak condition at the track, but still be able to be drivable on the street. It's also fully willing to handle stock up to high horsepower applications. Read More