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SEMA 2012: Dynojet Sets the Pace for Chassis Dyno Technology

For the ultimate Dynojet, you can upgrade all the way to the 424xLC2 with Linx, as shown here. It features dual eddy current load absorbers, adjustable wheelbase all-wheel-drive capability, and the Linx system that mechanically synchronizes the drums.Read More


Video: VTG’s Insane Turbocharged C3 Runs Eights In Hungary

This last August, we covered the awesome turbo and nitrous-fed C3 creation of Poland's VTG. Stuck on top of a solid truck frame with a Syclone/Typhoon front clip, VTG's fast Vette is seen in our featured clip pulling an 8.09 pass at nearly 200 miles per hour at Hungary's Kiscunlachaza Airport!Read More