Big Red Corvette: Vic Edelbrock Jr.’s Awesome Blown C6 Z06

When Vic Edelbrock, Jr. sets foot inside his Z06, a lazy drive becomes a crazy drive thanks to the awesome E-force supercharger under the hood. Join us as we take a closer look at this incredible Vette.Read More

09-12 Corvette FII Axle Back3

Flowmaster Axle Back II Exhaust System For ’09-12 Corvettes

Corvettes and Flowmaster are both synonymous with American performance, so it only makes sense to bring these two household names together. This year, Flowmaster released a new exhaust system for the C6 called the Force II Axle-Back DOR (dual out rear). Read More

CORSA C6 Air Intake 6

CORSA’s C6 Intake Provides Durability And Improved Performance

CORSA Performance has long since been a leader in the high performance exhaust market. Recently, they have decided to use their experience in exhaust technology into the air induction end of the market. They have just released this carbon fiber cold-air intake for C6 Corvettes telling all about it.Read More


PRI 2012: Flowmaster Is Celebrating The Big Three-O

2013 marks Flowmaster's Thirty Year Anniversary and with thirty years of heritage comes with, not only great new products and innovations, but also a continued responsibility to motorsports. Check out what's in store from Flowmaster for 2013 and beyond.Read More


PRI 2012: Stainless Works Custom Exhaust Solutions

Stainless Works is known for their complete header and exhaust systems, but they also create a variety of custom components, including Rod Builder Kits and Chopper Builder Kits. As a leader in stainless steel performance headers and exhaust systems, we wanted to check out what's new for the coming year.Read More


PRI 2012: Forgeline Wheels – New Grip Equipped Musclecar Line-Up

Racing heritage is something to be proud of, especially from a high-end custom wheel manufacturer. For over 20 years, Forgeline Wheels has applied their racing experience and passion for motorsports toward designing and building performance wheels, check out what's new!Read More


SEMA 2012: Pulstar Pulse Plug

Pulstar is a name not many people will be familiar with, but their full line of pulse spark plugs is ever growing. They currently offer a spark plug for virtually every late-model musclecar out there, and they even carry a line of spark plugs for trucks and motorcycles.Read More


Video Tour of the 2012 Corvette Funfest at Mid America Motorworks

This year's theme was the celebration of the iconic 1963 Corvette's 50th anniversary, and Y-body aficionados from every corner of North America gathered to enjoy a long weekend full of Corvettes, entertainment, and education. Check out our own exclusive Funfest videos!Read More


2012 Funfest Install Dome Time Lapse Video

One of the really cool things about the Install Dome is that would-be parts buyers get a chance to see (and hear) what the hardware is all about on other cars before making the leap themselves. Each Corvette that came off the lifts with the eager bark of a new set of pipes was another temptation...Read More


Corsa Upgrades Corvette Exhausts in Carlisle’s “Install Alley”

It's no surprise that this year at Corvettes at Carlisle, dozens of customers took advantage of the services in Install Alley and ditched their stock exhausts for a new Corsa system. For Corsa, the 'wall of exhausts' that grows continually over the weekend is a source of pride.Read More


Mike Skeen Wins 2012 UTCC in a C6 Z06 Corvette

On a recent balmy, sunny Southeastern Friday, just under 50 cars competed in the Grassroots Motorsports (GRM) 2012 Ultimate Track Car Challenge (UTCC). The event happens every year at the historic, scenic and exhilarating Virginia International Raceway, between South Boston and Danville, Virginia.Read More