Saturday Sights: Corvette Funfest 2011

Day two of Corvette Funfest 2011 is underway here in Effingham, as thousands of Corvettes are steaming into the Mid America Motorworks complex under perfect, Chamber of Commerce weather.

Thousands of Corvettes - no two ever the same - are filing in nearly as quick as officials can direct them to their assigned parking locations.

The infamous mountain of mufflers and exhaust pipes has grown a little larger today.

These "Herbies" are the real deal. Over the years, Yager has acquired these three Beetle's from Disney, which were used in the original production of various Herbie movies.

Before business picked up this morning, the powerTV crew had the chance to visit Mike Yager’s Mid America Motorworks museum, located just across the parking lot from the main offices. If you’re a Corvette or Chevrolet enthusiast, this is a place you’ll want to check out. From race cars, to former movie cars, classic neon signage, paintings, hundreds of diecast models, classic and late model performance engines, and much of the Mike Yager “MY” collection all resides in this building that reminds one of a 1960’s diner or storefront.

Built atop a Volkswagen chassis and featuring a Corvette-styled body, this one-off vehicle is famous for its role in the 1975 film Deathrace 2000, starring David Carradine and Sylvester Stallone.

Sometimes, it's the little things that make cars stand out from the crowd in a sea of Corvette's, such as this rotating 1/64 scale model of the C5 of which it rests atop.

Cruising through the rows and rows of Corvette’s, you just never know what unique name you’ll see on someone’s license plate. And while there are some great ones, BEER RUN simply takes the cake. Belonging to Jim Spese and his wife Kathi, from nearby Mahomet, Ill., this comical plate “took a lot of time and phone calls to get,” Jim explained. “We kept waiting for it to become available, but it’s a lot of fun. We enjoy seeing all the different license plates on the cars here at Funfest.”

In the lot just to the left of the entrance onto Funfest Boulevard, several hundred red, white, and blue Corvette's are all parked together, creating a particularly interesting patriotic theme to welcome attendees to the the Funfest.

Karl's Chevrolet brought out a couple of their very slick C6 to C2 conversions - both a coupe and a convertible - that have drawn plenty of curious lookers. These custom cars retain only the roof and small parts of the body in their conversion.

The Illinois National Guard from Effingham is on hand at Funfest for the first time, displaying their Humvee and a patriotic-themed chopper motorcycle built by Orange County Choppers.

The burnout contest, which concluded the days pre-concert festivities, drew a massive crowd around the concrete 'burnout box' hoping for an up close and personal view of the smoke show. The first couple of entrants merely squealed the tires, but Funfest officials saved the best for last, giving the fans just what they came to see and the mosquitoes hoped not to see.

Pepsi brought their massive Pepsi Can-shaped hot air balloon to Funfest, providing tethered rides to a long line of attendees.

Prior to the evening's performance, Mike Yager gave away a very cool guitar signed by Don Felder to one lucky couple in the crowd.

Don Felder, a former lead guitarist for the Eagles for 27 years, rocked the house at Corvette Funfest, performing several classic hits before a huge crowd of Corvette enthusiasts.

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