IMG_6539Chattanooga, Tennessee – Day 6 of the 2013 Hot Rod Power Tour

Birmingham, Alabama to Chattanooga, Tennessee today, with beautiful weather and some great countryside. The run into Chattanooga along the Lookout Mountain Parkway was particularly beautiful and the views from either side of the valley were stunning. As our hotel last night was at Fultondale, north of Birmingham, we skipped the first 60 miles of the route from Hoover and joined at a town called Oneonta, Alabama. A local policeman had the forethought to block off one lane of the intersection with his cruiser and a few cones to allow all of the Power Tourists to turn right without having to wait for the oncoming traffic – good job, Mr. Policeman!

The show today was at the Chattanooga State Community College, and apart from the speed humps on campus, it was a great venue with ample car parking spaces to display all of the tour cars.

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Corky Coker presides over the festivities...

Corky Coker presides over the festivities…

IMG_6463From 5 PM until 9 PM in downtown Chattanooga, Corky Coker opened up Coker Tires to the Power Tour participants and seemed to have closed down about four blocks of the town.

I also found out today that a race-prepared Trabant with 2 cylinders and 26 brake horsepower can beat a 638 horsepower Corvette ZR1 by 0.009 seconds on an autocross course, but as a consolation, I found from speaking to others my Corvette was the fastest Vette!

My full set of Day 6 pictures are up on Facebook – Looking forward to the drag racing tomorrow, assuming Andrea doesn’t come along and ruin it.