Video: 2017 Corvettes At Carlisle – Corvette Online Coverage, Day #1

Sublime C2 with Goldlines, knock-offs and side pipes. Perfect.

Welcome to Corvettes at Carlisle 2017!  The biggest ‘Vette party on the planet and Corvette Online is on the ground with videos, interviews, pics and the latest scoop on the fastest, most beautiful plastic Chevy’s on the planet.

Breezy and warm at around 77 degrees, it was the perfect temperature to get the lay of the land and oogle over a myriad of flawless examples of America’s star-spangled sports car.

Super sanitary C6 ZR1. Whew.

If you aren’t familiar with Corvettes at Carlisle, it’s a mass communion of ‘Vette fans gathering in Carlisle, PA at the end of every summer since 1974. It’s world famous and features up to 5,000 Corvettes of every style, color and generation.

This is the second year the show’s started on a Thursday and it was by all measures a success. It looks like attendance should match estimates of 50,000 show goers.

The weekend is when it all goes crazy, so planning to be at the show on a Thursday and Friday is a good idea to beat the crowds, move around freely and get familiar with the fairgrounds.

The show runs through Sunday.

C3 with mags. Old school goddess…

Downtown Carlisle is quaint and has many good restaurants and is a must see. Be sure and make your way over there for a look-see.

There’s so much to see on the grounds, it’s mind boggling. Corvette Racing and Chevrolet have a big presence here along with feature sponsor, Corvette America. Merchandise, vendors and funky local food round out the list of attractions.

C6 Z06 presented flawlessly. Chromes, big brakes and red calipers…Gods lives in the details.

Aside from the Corvettes, there’s a huge swap meet and a Corvette “Car Corral” with some of the best Corvettes in the country up for sale.  You can even purchase a vehicle, transfer and license your dream car right there onsite!

Pristine 40th Anniversary C4 with Fikse wheels. Good stuff.

Experienced drivers can compete in the autocross event or even torture a poor set of tires at the burnout showcase.

If you’re not into car shows, Corvettes at Carlisle has other events like a kids’ section and  “The Woman’s Oasis” which offers massages, makeovers and all sorts of feminine fun.

Big Daddy show and shine

What are the highlights for 2017?

  • Win a 2017 Stingray Coupe! For just $100, one of 1,000 tickets is all you need to win an all-new Corvette.
  • Chip’s Choice Theme this year will be the best of the best in the world of L88 Corvettes.
  • CMAF Benefit Dinner! The Chip Miller Amyloidosis Foundation is hosting a special dinner on Friday, August 25. Corvette Online will be there and bring back the story.
  • 30th Anniversary Callaway Reunion. Corvettes at Carlisle play host in 2017 to a amazing collection of Callaway Corvettes from 1987-2017.
  • Callaway Speedster Display. Reeves Callaway and the Callaway Cars Team, in conjunction with Corvettes at Carlisle, will host the Callaway Speedster Reunion.
  • Meet JD Orr! JD was the brains behind the design work on the 1976 mid-engine Aerovette and much more.
  • Chief Engineer Dave McLellan, Mike Yager, the Callaway clan and more Corvette celebs!

Tomorrow, we’ll see the show start to rev up. Check back with Corvette Online and Corvette Online Facebook for complete coverage.  See you tommorow!

Swoon. Cascade Green C1 is a killer.

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