Good morning, LS fans! It’s not a beautiful day here at Beech Bend Raceway in Bowling Green, Kentucky just yet – overnight rain hung around until just a short while ago, but the sun is peeking through the clouds, and the hard-working staff here at the track is chasing away the moisture on the dragstrip and autocross course. We expect to be up and running very soon, so stay tuned for updates throughout the day.

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Saturday Pit Notes


Two myths busted: "Corvettes don't drag race" and "Corvette owners never leave their cars out in the rain"

The water is still a little deep there on the autocross course, but this too shall pass...


The #6 COPO Camaro on display at Holley's trailer drew an early crowd - this is the naturally-aspirated 427 flavor.

Conservatively speaking, there may be more non-GM cars powered by LS engines here than there are cars and trucks that came with them in the first place. The best way to keep a Nissan 240SX or Mazda RX-7 from sucking is by swapping in an LS...

Oh yes. There will be bumper-dragging today.

We're loving the faux vinyl top on Lingenfelter's RS Camaro.

Ray Litz' turbo Camaro has some interesting details - the valve covers are just a beginning.


We're almost ready to start racing, so check back in a little bit for more photos and Round 2 of qualifying...

Round 2 Qualifying Order – Heads Up Classes

The drifters spent some time helping to clean the water off the autocross track...

The margin between success and failure in the Speed Stop Challenge is razor-thin...

Brian Black carries the front wheels out to the 330 in 'Shut Your Face' qualifying

Final Qualifying Order – Heads Up Classes

Mark Carlyle goes into tomorrow's Drag Radial eliminations in the top slot, running 7.619 at 203.65 MPH. His best trap speed of qualifying, an astounding 206.45, is fully 13 MPH faster than his nearest competition, #2 qualifier Mike Brown.

Jud Massingill, in the near lane, continues to be the man to beat in LSX All Motor. His 8.138 had a full tenth on the rest of the field at the end of qualifying. His second round qualifying partner in the far lane, Joe Huneycutt, is arguably far more fortunate, though. In the third round, he was able to keep his Camaro off the walls after losing traction and cutting cross-track (below). Though he took out the 1/8th mile reflector, he still held on to the #3 spot on the ladder based on his previous performance.

Adam Preston has the top rung on the Real Street ladder, clocking an 8.409 at 162.47 MPH in qualifying. He's got a tenth and a half on number two qualifier Charles Polly, but seven of the nine car field are in the eights, so anything can happen on the way to the top...

Shut Your Face Eliminations

The eighth-mile Shut Your Face class ran through eliminations today, coming down to a final pair before calling it a night. Tomorrow, Mike Meeks and his sinister black 5th Gen will go up against top qualifier Brian Black and his red Trans Am.

That’s it for tonight. Check back tomorrow for coverage of eliminations!