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2011 Holley LS Fest Same Day Coverage


Day Two of the 2011 Holley LS Fest is upon us, and we’re just about to head to the track to watch all the drag race qualifying, autocrossing, drifting, and speed stop challenging. Speaking of which, perhaps you might enjoy a few photos from the Baer Brakes SSC yesterday – competitors left the starting line at the green light, then ran down to the 1/8 mile mark where they had to come to a complete stop inside a box delineated with traffic cones. Quickest time start to finish wins, with a 4 second penalty for not coming to a stop within the box. As you can see, some were more successful than others…

Over the course of the 1/8 mile track, most of the cars were hitting speeds in the 80 MPH plus range - Spectre Performance had a radar gun deployed to judge who would win the top speed award.

While weight transfer helps a drag launch, it's not so great in the other direction...

Though it's true that the box is longest diagonally, sliding in sideways is still not the recommended method of stopping. Still, no foul here, so no 4-second penalty.

A few of the stops were pretty dramatic - I hope this guy sends us the GoPro video so I can see if my expression matches his...

And then there was this... thing... It came to a stop dripping coolant, pulled down the track, and then with a loud "pop," tossed its cookies all over the dragstrip and ended the SSC for the day.

Time to head for Beech Bend – keep checking back throughout the day for more photos and updates! As always, special thanks to our event coverage sponsor SCT Performance. Check out their fine line of tuners at www.sctflash.com.

Round 2 Qualifying Standings

Car Craft Engine Swap Challenge

Last year, the Engine Swap Challenge took a mere 31 minutes, 57 seconds. After the rules got tightened up this year, the smart money was on a time somewhere in the 45 minute range. Apparently, nobody told the guys at the School of Automotive Machinists that, because they managed to take the title this year and nearly eclipse the old record with a winning time of 38:32, despite problems when they first fired the engine.

GM Performance Parts provided the LS crate engines while Holley High Ram intake manifolds and EFI systems sat ready for installation.

Before the new LS can go in, the old SBC must come out... Both cars drove in under their own power to help thwart any shennanegans.

Holley staff kept an eagle eye on things to make sure dangerous shortcuts weren't being taken, but even so, there can be little surprises like one of the lift chains coming loose.

When the cherry picker isn't quite tall enough, a little persuasion does the trick.

The Big Orange Hammer was employed to convince the Camaro to accept the new engine...

The SAM team is almost there!

Meanwhile on the other side of the tent, things are not going as well...

With the vacuum leak that was causing a 5000 RPM idle sorted out, the SAM students throw every tool they can grab into the tote to take along on the 5-mile road cruise for last minute repairs.

Victory! The SAM students win, but not without a lot of leaking fluids and a very messy windshield...

Final Qualifying and Ladders

Well we got it all done just in time – literally minutes after the last cars ran down the track this afternoon, a brief but intense downpour soaked the track.

True Street

5th Gen Camaro Challenge

Shut Your Face

LSX All Motor

LSX Drag Radial

LSX Real Street

That’s gonna do it for today – the rain is coming down in buckets, so we’re calling it a day and hoping for a dry sunrise tomorrow. Check back in for Sunday eliminations!

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