Our mission with Project Y2k is to take America’s Sports Car and make it better on a blue collar budget, turning this decade-old platform into a car that’s good at a little bit of everything. We’ve added more power with improved breathing on the intake and exhaust sides, a lopey but still street-friendly cam, and a custom tune, and then gone one further with a nitrous system designed especially for LS1 and LS6 engines. We’ve broken it at the track, then came back stronger with a killer new clutch, and a road-race spec differential complete with coolers for the trans and diff lube. And we’ve replaced the factory dampers and leaf springs with a fully adjustable coilover suspension.

The best part is that despite all the improvements in handling, power, and durability, our blue collar supercar is still just as fun and comfortable to drive as the day we added it to our project car garage. Upcoming work will freshen up its interior and add more grip where the rubber hits the road, taking us closer to our ultimate goal of a modern classic that does everything well and looks great doing it.