There is a reason why cars come with Owner’s Manuals and avoiding situations like this is one of them. A 65-year old ZR1 owner posted a story recently on a message board about being trapped in his Corvette, with no apparent way out.

The gentleman apparently has fourteen other cars that he drives regularly and, we suppose, just didn’t have time to peruse the ZR1’s documentation. For two reasons that fail us, he (1) posted his woes on a Ferrari message board, and (2) other participants there knew to advise him of an emergency mechanical release next to the driver’s seat that he could have used.

Apparently, his dealer contact didn’t know as much either, advising the elderly customer to crawl to the rear of the ZR1 and pull the trunk’s emergency release. We’re not entirely sure how the 911 operator was able to assist, but the overall experience has proven more than one rich sexagenarian can tolerate.

The ZR1 Corvette is being disposed of immediately. According to reports, the owner may replace it with a ZL1 Camaro once available. Hopefully, he’ll take the time to understand the hardware he’s acquired, or at least insist on a comprehensive and competent introduction to the car on delivery.