ZR1 Killer?: Highly Modified Z06 Could Be Your Next Car…

Why buy a stock ZR1 when you could just buy this decked out Z06 for half the price, and get an even more powerful car? We were recently tipped off to this highly modified “bargain find” 2009 Z06 that is currently listed for sale on Pro-Touring.com, and we can’t help but to start scheming on how to make it ours.

The Z06 is listed by Pro-Touring.com moderator/sponsor “Nine Ball”, and only has a paltry 14,000 miles. The car was reportedly built as a Power Tour car for Nitto Tires, and features a dream list of modifications. The LS7 is topped with Magnussen TVS2300 supercharger that ups the power output to 616 HP at the rear wheels thanks to an extra 8 PSI of atmosphere. Spent exhaust gas gets sent through a set of American Racing long tube headers with chunky 1 7/8 in primaries. The car rolls on some ultra-classy HRE 893R wheels, measuring 19×10 in the front and 20×12.5 in the rear, wrapped in some sticky Nitto Invo tires (285’s in front and massive 345’s in the rear!). Additionally, the car is outfitted with an assortment of Katech carbon fiber goodies, and other visual upgrades.

With an asking price of $65,000, we are thinking this Z06 is not a bad deal at all considering what you’re getting. It also doesn’t hurt that this car makes slightly more horsepower at the wheels than a ZR1 for about half the price. Check out the original thread on Pro-Touring.com for more info on this “budget” ZR1 killer.

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