Zip Corvette Celebrates It’s 40th Anniversary

Zip Corvette hosts car shows, Cars and Coffee and other events that promote camaraderie in the Corvette community.

They say life begins at 40. If that’s the case, the best days lie ahead for Zip Corvette. Already a leader and innovator in the Corvette parts industry, it’s been quite a journey from humble beginnings to the powerhouse they are today.

According to Zip, their beginning, “Can be traced the home garage of Wayne Walker, a Corvette owner and enthusiast who needed a gas line for his 1961 Corvette. A friend showed him how to bend steel tubing for the line and Walker’s handiwork with a flaring tool was quickly noticed by other Corvette friends who began requesting that he make fuel lines for them. Virtually overnight, Zip Products was in business.

Hitting the road to attend every swap meet and Corvette show possible, Walker placed himself – and his products – directly in front of his customer base. During the first 10 years, Zip’s single page list of inventory grew into a 128-page full color catalog. The Corvette aftermarket was taking its first steps and Zip was leading the way.

36 years old. Dig artist rendering of postman!

Along the way, Walker’s passion for – and knowledge of – Corvettes steadily grew as he personally restored some of the rarest Corvettes ever produced: a 1963 Z06 Big Tank Coupe, a 1967 L88 Convertible, a 1969 427 ZL1 and a host of fuel-injection, 396 and 427 Corvettes.

As he set out to find the parts he needed to restore his own Corvettes, Walker was committed to making those parts widely available for other restorers, placing Zip at the forefront of the Corvette restoration hobby.

A move out of the garage was the next logical step, and Zip Corvette eventually found it’s home at 8067 Fast Lane in Mechanicsville, Virginia, nestled right outside of the Richmond city limits. In 1994, David Walker, Wayne’s son, gained the reigns of leadership and positioned Zip for success in the 21st century.

Today, Zip’s call center and showroom are accompanied by a thriving online store, social media presence and website devoted exclusively to Corvette technical articles. Walker has solidified Zip’s reputation as a trusted traditional and online source for Corvette parts and technical information in an era when the industry has seen far too many Internet start-ups come and go.

’84 Catalog was starting to look glossy and high end.

Zip’s inventory boasts more than 40,000 Corvette parts, showcased in seven different, generation-specific catalogs that often find a shelf life right alongside the manuals and guidebooks in a Corvette owner’s garage.

From early model restorers to seventh generation racers, fans of America’s Sports Car rely on Zip to keep their beloved Corvettes on the open road.

One thing that hasn’t changed over the course of the last 40 years is Zip’s commitment to its customers. “We’ve been here for 40 years because our customer base trusts us and knows that we’re here for the long run,” said David Walker.

Zip’s sales staff boasts more than 100 years of collective Corvette knowledge and many of those employees have been with the company for decades.”

In addition, attention C4 owners!!  Zip just issued a brand new C4 catalog! As an C4 owner I was like a kid in a candy store.  A must see for C4 fans!

And if anything strikes your fancy, they’ve got their $7.95 flat rate shipping offer running from Oct. 6-9th to celebrate the 40th anniversary. Remember, no minimum purchase required!

Today, Zip Corvettes is a big business and a huge part of the of the ‘Vette community.

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