Z06 Crashes At The ‘Ring, Takes Out Seven Other Cars With It

Imagine flying around the corner at over 100 MPH and seeing this in front of you. Image: Jalopnik

As everybody knows, all variations of the C6 Corvette had their ride, handling, and brakes dialed in on the famed 13-mile Nordshleife racing circuit more commonly known as the Nurburgring. Draped over the German landscape with well over a hundred forty-seven twists, turns, and bends, the ‘Ring has been known to claim the lives of hundreds of people over the years, including both professional racing drivers and weekend warriors who, for a fee, can lap the ‘Ring in just about anything that’s legal to drive on Germany’s public roads.

So although we were more than a little depressed when we learned a brand new Z06 was totaled over the weekend at the famed circuit, we were still a little shocked that it also was responsible for taking out another seven cars with it, several of which were from different countries, including one of the ‘Ring BMW M3 “taxis,” with Jalopnik claiming that there was over $130k in “property damage.”

One of the quirks of turning laps on the Nordshleife is that drivers who crash get a bill from the track for damaged Armco barriers, the labor to clean up spilled fluids and pieces of car, and even the downtime and lost revenue from the shutdown. An extensive crash like this really gets the meter running, and since a pooched Z06 would make up half of that $130,000 total all by itself (and that’s here in the US, not in Europe where Corvettes carry a huge premium to their price tag), we’re guessing the “property damage” figure is actually the insult-to-injury track cleanup bill. All told, we would be surprised if this turned out to be less than a half-million dollar mistake on the part of whoever caused the crash.

Upon further investigation, we heard through our friends over at Jalopnik that the Corvette was indeed a rented car from a Swedish rental company called Platinum Cars.  Given this, one has to question the driving skill level of the guy who rented it, as it’s widely known that anyone with an operating license can take a lap around the track on just about any day of the week for minimal expense. Thankfully, no one was killed, although the driver of one of the cars suffered from serious injuries and had to be flown to a nearby hospital, while two others were treated on the scene.

It’s said that all of the cars involved were damaged to the point of immobilization, except for one, but we aren’t sure which car that would be. We do know however that it wasn’t the Z06, as it has been said it was completely totaled. The only shred of humor we can find in the story is the fact that the police investigating the incident are citing “excessive speed” as the cause of the accident. Well, yeah. We wish the injured drivers a speedy recovery.

UPDATE: More photos from GTSpirit.com

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