WVW: 4th-Gen Corvette + Alcohol = Bad Decisions and Consequences

Drinking and driving is never a good idea. Honestly, we know this isn’t the first time (and definitely won’t be the last) that you’ve heard this sentiment, but nonetheless, we continue to see awful car accidents across the country as a result of someone getting behind the wheel after a few adult beverages. This week’s Wrecked Vette Wednesday deals with just that: one C4 Corvette, one driver and a few too many drinks. Check out the resulting accident in the video above, compliments of WBKO-TV. A hat-tip goes to Corvette Blogger for making us aware of this story. 

Saturday, April 19th may seem like just another day to you and I, but for one Brownsville, Kentucky man and his 14-year-old stepbrother, it’s a day they will not soon forget. That’s because 41-year-old Christopher Snelling decided to take his young step sibling on the ride of his life in his 1993 Corvette.

Screen Captures: Corvette Blogger

Now, unfortunately for both men, Snelling had been drinking, according to area police. He was also speeding at a pretty good clip (estimated between 85 and 90 miles an hour) down Mammoth Cave Road when he swerved into oncoming traffic before going off the road.

The Corvette then became airborne and flew 106 feet according to police records before it came to its final resting spot. Neither man was wearing a seat belt, resulting in 14-year-old Theron Snelling being ejected from the car. Both men were airlifted to an area hospital.

As you can imagine, the Corvette is an absolute wreck (pun intended) and is more than likely totaled.

Snelling is now facing a number of charges in the accident, including five cases of “wanton endangerment” for almost hitting a family of five that was driving down the same road at the time of the incident, and assault charges based on his young stepbrother’s injuries.

The car’s license plate reading “UNPOOR” now seems to stand as a mockery of what Snelling could end up paying in compensation and other consequences based on his actions.

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