WTF of the Week: When Fetishes Collide

Warning: NSFW language in video

The internet is a very empowering media – because it is so easy to broadcast your viewpoint, interests, and passions to the world, it has given a voice to those who never had that opportunity before. Today, if you’re passionate about, say, Corvettes, you don’t have to go to the expense and risk of starting up a print magazine to do it. All it takes is talent and a desire to share your love with other like-minded people.

On the other hand, the internet also has a “normalizing” effect on what were once considered fringe viewpoints. Before the advent of the web, if you were an adult male obsessed with a cartoon about ponies, this would be considered a warning sign to the local police that you should be kept under observation and prohibited from school grounds. While other people might have shared your interest, it was very unlikely that you would meet them in a setting that didn’t involve group therapy.

In today’s modern world, no matter how specific your kink is, finding somebody to share it with is as easy as typing “fur suit M4M” into your browser’s search bar (for the love of all that is good, do not click on that link…) For the true enthusiast, who once labored in obscurity to document their unique brain chemistry, it’s almost as easy to put together a library of homemade videos for the world to see.

Which brings us to today’s video, where we see the place where an interest in Corvettes, Asians, thick women, and feet all intersect. For most people, this video will be either confusing, tedious, or a mix of the two. But for a very specific audience, it’s a dream come true…

The reason picture-in-picture was invented...

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